Series 8: Photographs. -- n.d. -- 12 b&w; 18 col.; 2 negatives; 1 slide

Scope and Content: This series contains a number of photographs which John Hasek collected,  pertaining to his life.  Included are both professional and amateur photographs.


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Series 8: File Listings.


1. Personal  -- This is assumed to be a photograph of John Haseks children, Anthony and Elizabeth.  (1 col.: 8x6 cm.)

2. Military  --  Photographs which document John Haseks life in the military. Some professional photos, some amateur.  Predominantly group and scenic shots.
(9 b&w -- 20x25.5 cm. and smaller  2 col. --  20x25.5 cm. and smaller  2 negatives. 1 b&w slide.)
Other material from the military can be found in series 2.

3. Reed Irvine (AIM)
-- Photographs of Reed Irvine, the chairman and founder of Accuracy in Media (AIM).  (3 b&w 2 b&w: 12.5x10 cm. and smaller  2 col.: 10x15 cm.)
Other AIM material can be found in series 3, file 18.

4. Ethnic Journalists Award Dinner
-- Amateur photos taken at the awards dinner.  (2 col.: 10x15 cm.)
Other items pertaining to this event can be found in series 1, sub-series 1, file 5.

5.  Employee Protection From Substance Abuse Program
-- professionally taken glossies of the staff and head shots of John Hasek.  (11 col.: 25.5x 20cm.)
Other information concerning this program can be found in series 9, file 1.

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