Series 2: Military: Collected Articles and Other Material. -- 1957-1991; predominant 1959-1984  -- 60 cm. of textual material.

Scope and Content: This series contains material relating to the military; predominantly from the time Hasek spent in the Canadian Forces (1959-1984).

Included in this series are fieldbooks (predominantly from Vietnam), newspaper and magazine articles, Haseks personal service records, parachuting jump logs and certificates, a significant amount of correspondence and memorandums, and a variety of miscellaneous military-related writings.

Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Accompanying Material: It should be noted that there were a number of military-related books which were deposited with this fonds.  While they have been separated from this fonds, they have remained in the University of New Brunswick Archives, and the titles can be found in appendix B of this finding aid.

Series 2: File Listings.


1.  Fieldbooks/Journals. -- 1966-1982
This file contains a number of books in which Hasek took rough notes.
a) 1966   (Ghana)
b) 1966   (Ghana)
c) Jan-Feb, 1973 (Vietnam)
d) Feb-Mar, 1973  (Vietnam)
e) Mar-Apr, 1973  (Vietnam)
f) Apr-May, 1973  (Vietnam)
g) May, 1973   (Vietnam)
h) May-July, 1973  (Vietnam)
i) Sept-Oct, 1973  (Vietnam)
j) 1975-1977
k) 1977
l)  1982
m) n.d.
n)  n.d.


2. Vietnam Material -- 1969-1987
This file contains material which John Hasek collected related to Vietnam.  Although the material spans many years, Hasek himself was only in Vietnam in 1973, during which time he worked as a ceasefire supervisor for the ICCS (International Commission of Control and Supervision).  Included in this file are magazines, articles, correspondence, a memory book, working papers, and other such material. It should be noted that there is an OVERSIZE item (a magazine from 1983), which has been taken out of file (c), and placed in the oversize box.
a) Correspondence/Memorandums -- 1967-1982
b) Miscellaneous --  1969-1972
c) Miscellaneous  -- 1973-1987
d) Miscellaneous --  n.d.

3. The  Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada -- 1962-1967
This file contains material concerning the Black Watch (RHR) of Canada, of which Hasek was a member.  Included are newspaper clippings, correspondence, and various books, including Dress Instructions and The Regimental Book.

a) 1962  OVERSIZE

b) 1963-1966
c) 1967

4.  Quebec Defence -- 1971-1978
This file contains information which Hasek collected on the issue of Quebec Defence, with particular focus on the  Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ).
Included are a number of articles and papers on the subject, as well as a sub-file containing correspondence, memorandums, and briefings for the minister.
a) Articles/Papers. -- 1971-1978
b) Correspondence/Memorandums/Briefings for the Minister  1977-1978

5.  Parachute-Related Material -- 1963-1987
This file contains an assortment of material collected concerning parachuting a sport which Hasek was interested in both for his career in the military , as well as for recreation.  Included in this file are articles, jump logs, various certificates, and  correspondence.  It should be noted that there is an OVERSIZE item (a certificate from 1969) that was taken from file (a) and put into the oversize box.
a) 1963-1979
b) 1980-1987

6.  Military-Related Essays -- 1972-1985
This file contains a collection of essays written by people other than Hasek, on military-related issues.

7. Jeux Olympiques. -- 1976
In 1976, John Hasek was employed on temporary duty as senior officer for the centre des coordination de la sécurité des Jeux Olympiques.  This file contains correspondence and information relative to this particular event in Haseks life.  There is material in both French and English.

8. Ghanian Newspapers. -- 1967   OVERSIZE


9.  Correspondence/Memorandums. -- 1963-1991
This file contains a large amount of correspondence and memorandums of a military nature, which did not fit in with the other files in this series. It should be noted that there is also personal correspondence in series 4, file 3, which is from the time period which Hasek spent in the military, and informally discusses  military-related issues. Also, series 3, file 16, contains correspondence from a man named Cecil Merritt, who sometimes wrote to Hasek concerning military-related issues.
a) Loose Correspondence -- 1963-1978
b) Loose Correspondence -- 1979-1991
c) Bound Correspondence -- 1973 -1975
*Although loose correspondence (sub-file a), was sorted chronologically, the bound correspondence was kept in its original order.  There are also a few loose sheets that had been placed in the bound folder that were kept as is.


10.  Personal. -- 1963-1988
This file contains a number of personal, military-related items such as service, pay
and medical record books, leave forms, permits, drivers licences, a vaccination certificate, a funeral program, material related to Haseks retirement in 1982, and a unit employment record.  It should be noted that in series 4 (John Haseks Personal Life), files 2 and 5 may have material which relate to this file.

11. Miscellaneous. -- 1957-1989
Included in this file are a number of miscellaneous military-related items, including articles, papers, newsletters, a magazine, and biographical sketches.
a) 1957-1989
b)  n.d. 

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