Series 9: Employee Assistance Programs: Working Papers and Other Material.  -- 1982-1991; predominant 1989-1991 -- 10.5 cm of textual material.

Scope and Content: This series documents the various employee assistance programs with which John Hasek was involved.  Included are informational sheets, budget information, agreements, minutes, correspondence, legal documents, articles, reports, and other written material.

Arrangement is according to program.


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Related Material:  The material found in files 4 and 5, dealing with stress counselling in the Halton Regional Police Force, relates to articles which Hasek wrote about this subject.  These articles can be found in series 1, sub-series 1, file 1.

Series 9: File Listings.


1.  Employee Protection from Substance Abuse" (EPSA). -- 1989-1990.
Employee Protection from Substance Abuse consisted of a team of professionals suited to dealing with stress and substance abuse problems.  Its aim was to react to and prevent crises due to substance abuse in the workforce, thereby improving the work environment.  Included in this file are informational sheets, as well as budget information, agreements, minutes and correspondence.
There are related photographs in series 8, file 5.

2.  Provincial Alcohol Awareness Services (PAAS) -- 1989-1991
Provincial Alcohol Awareness Services was a wholly owned subsidiary of EPSA, and was made up of mobile units, manned by skilled operators.  Its function was to provide alcohol and drug testing on a 24-hour basis anywhere in the province of Ontario.  Brian Lawrie was the president and founder of this organization.
Included in this file are articles, correspondence, and copies of a legal release.

3. Antel Associates -- 1986-1989
Antel Associates was another subsidiary of EPSA, for which John Hasek acted as president.  Its services were used by the Halton Regional Police Force, for whom Hasek worked as a stress counsellor .
Included in this file are articles, correspondence, legal agreements and documents, as well as a Halton Regional Police Force review of the Employee Assistance Program.

4. Stress Counselling with the Halton Regional Police Force -- 1982-1987
Included in this file are overheads, presentation material, articles, correspondence, and stress tests.

5. Stress in the Halton Regional Police Force -- Jan., 1983
This file contains two copies of a report for which John Hasek acted as a consultant.

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