Inventory to the John Hasek fonds

MG H 182

Compiled by Tara Simmonds

Archives & Special Collections Department
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December 2001

This finding aid was funded by a grant under the
Canadian Council of Archives Control of Holdings Program.

Table of Contents

Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

 1.   John Haseks Work as a Writer, Orator and Filmmaker: Articles and Other  Material.
          1. Articles, Papers and Reviews Written by John Hasek/Haseks Life as a  Journalist and Editor.
          2. The Disarming of Canada: Working Papers and Other Material
          3. The Seductive Illusion: Working Papers and Other Material
          4. Speeches and Other Material
 2.   Military: Collected Articles and Other Material.
 3.   Peace-Related Issues/Haseks Role as an Activist: Collected Articles and Other Material.
 4.   John Haseks Personal Life: Correspondence and Other Material.
 5.   Czechoslovakia: Collected Articles and Other Material.
 6.   John Haseks Student Life: Transcripts and Other Material.
 7.   Canadian Youth Service/Katimavik: Writings and Correspondence.
 8.   Photographs.
 9.   Employee Assistance Programs: Working Papers and Other Material.
10.  School Trustee: Articles and Other Material.
11.  Croatia/Yugoslavia: Collected Writings and Other Material.
12.  Miscellaneous.
13.  Audio Interviews With Milton Gregg.

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