Series 1, sub-series 1: Articles, Papers and Reviews Written by John Hasek/Haseks Life as a Journalist and Editor.  -- 1968-1992 -- 41 cm. of textual material.

Scope and Content: This series documents John Haseks life as a writer of articles, papers, reviews, and other relatively short documents.  Many such articles were published in various different magazines and newspapers, and often provoked response (both favourable and unfavourable), from the general public.  This public feedback came in the form of both correspondence and formal articles, which can also be found in this sub-series.  Also included is material documenting his life as a journalist and a contributing editor.

Arrangement is arbitrary.


Title: Title is based on contents of the sub-series.

Finding Aid: A listing of the articles which Hasek wrote can be found in the appendix to this inventory.  Where possible, title, date, place of publication, and number of copies is indicated.

Other: It should be noted that there is a possibility that some of the articles within this sub-series may have been meant for oral presentations. Without any markings to that effect, however, all written material which appears to be in article format has been placed in this sub-series.

Series 1, sub-series 1:  File Listings.


1.  Articles and Papers Written by John Hasek. -- 1968-1992; predominant 1975-1992
a)  Sept. 1968 - Jan. 1975
b)  Spring 1975 - Summer 1976
c)  Nov. 1976 - May 1978
d)  Dec 1978 - June 1979
e)  Autumn 1979 - July 1981
f)   July/Aug.1981 - April 1982
g)  April 1982 - Oct.1992
h)  Nov.1982 - Sept. 1983
i)   Jan. 1984 - 1986
j)  1986 - Oct. 1990


k)  Dec. 1990 - Sept. 1992
l)   No date
m) No name

*These are articles which the archivist has attributed to Hasek, although his name does not actually appear on the documents.
 Some also have no title, no date, or neither date nor title.  Those without a title have been listed with the first line of the article.

2. Book Reviews Written by John Hasek. -- 1976-1989
This file includes both rough drafts and published copies of reviews which John Hasek wrote for various books.  Also included  is a piece of correspondence written to Hasek about his role as a reviewer.

3. Rough Notes/Partial Writings. -- n.d.
Included in this file are hand written notes, as well as partial copies of what appear to be various articles written by Hasek.

4. Correspondence/Feedback. -- 1972-1991
This file  primarily contains correspondence and a few articles which other people wrote in response to some of Haseks articles.  Also included, however, are a few pieces of correspondence which relate to Haseks life as a journalist and as a contributing editor.

5.  Miscellaneous -- 1982-1991; predominant 1990-1991
This file includes miscellaneous material relating to Haseks life as an article writer/journalist/editor. It contains a number of items relating to the Ethnic Journalists Award Dinner, held in 1991, at which Hasek won an award.  Also included are items such as sample stories for correspondents, a how-to informational article concerning news stories, as well as a Can-Copy newsletter.

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