Series 3: Peace-Related Issues/Haseks Role as an Activist: Collected Articles and Other Material. -- 1949-1992; predominant 1976-1992 -- 60 cm. of textual material

Scope and Content: This series contains material documenting John Haseks role as an activist, as well as his interest in peace-related and political issues, such as nuclear disarmament, communism and the Soviet Union.  The majority of items within this series consists of articles and writings which Hasek collected on various topics. There are also working papers, correspondence, published works  and other material pertaining to the group he initiated, called Canadian Council for Peace in Freedom, as well as correspondence, articles and similar writings concerning Baroness Caroline Cox, whose particular area of interest was peace education.

Arrangement is arbitrary.


Title: Title is based on contents of the series

Related Material: It should be noted that many of the files within this series contain material which is inter-related.

Series 3: File Listings.


1. Canadian Council for Peace in Freedom - 1982-1988
a) Newsletters: 1983-1988
b)  Correspondence: 1983-1988; predominant 1983
This sub-file contains numerous pieces of correspondence, much of which is in draft form.  It should be noted that some of the items may be draft newsletters.
c)  Peace and the Management of Fear: 1983 - 1987
Peace and the Management of Fear is a book that was published by the Canadian Council for Peace in Freedom in 1986, and was meant to act as a source of knowledge for broader understanding and more-informed actions by Canadians on problems of Peace and Security.  Included in this sub-file is correspondence, comments and a review about the book, as well as the book itself.
d) Articles: 1983
This sub-file contains newspaper and magazine articles concerning the Canadian Council for Peace in Freedom
e)Aims, Appeals and Miscellaneous: c. 1983
This sub-file contains statements of aims and appeals from the Canadian Council for Peace in Freedom, as well as from international organizations.  Also included are a number of miscellaneous items, including a list of sympathetic people, and a content outline for future issues of an unknown publication,  as well as a pamphlet from a European organization
f) Organizational Folder: 1982-1983
This sub-file contains a number of papers bound together. Included are articles, pieces of correspondence, and various other writings, which appear to have been meant to act as organizational material for Canadian Council for Peace in Freedom.

2. Baroness Caroline Cox
a) Correspondence: 1983-1989
The majority of correspondence in this sub-file is from Baroness Cox to John Hasek, although there is also a letter written to Baroness Cox from a third party.
b) Writings: 1984-1989
This sub-file contains a number of articles, pamphlets and other written material.  Included are both items written about Baroness Cox, and items written by Baroness Cox.

3. Peace Education
Included in these files are articles, papers, publications and other such material, which deal with the subject of peace education.  It should be noted that file 3 of this series contains information regarding Baroness Caroline Cox, who was very interested in peace education.
a) Writings: 1983-1986
b) Writings: 1987-1989
c) Writings: n.d.

4. Nuclear Arms/Disarmament Issues. -- 1981-1988
a) Writings: 1981-1983
b) Writings: 1984-1986
c) Writings: 1987-1988
d) Correspondence: 1983


5. Soviet Union. -- 1976-1988
a) Writings: 1976-1986
b) Writings: 1987-1988
c) Correspondence: 1983-1987

6. Communism. -- 1949-1987; predominant 1983-1987
This file is mainly comprised of written material such as articles, publications and pamphlets, although there is also a small amount of correspondence.

7. Women/Equality Issues. -- 1984-1988
This file contains a number of articles and other writings centred around feminism and womens equality

8. Terrorism. -- 1977, 1986
Included in this file are a few articles and pieces of correspondence which deal with terrorism.  It should be noted that file 14 of this series contains information from a conference which John Hasek attended on the subject of terrorism.

9. Science for Peace/Anatol Rappaport. -- 1986-1988
This file contains articles, pamphlets and rough notes concerning an organization called Science for Peace, as well as material concerning Anatol Rappaort, a past President of the organization.

10.  Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation. -- 1978-1987
This folder contains articles, papers and rough notes which Hasek collected concerning  a phenomenon which combined his interest in psychology, peace issues and the military, called Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (ELF).

11.  Ukranian Famine. -- c. 1986-1987
This file contains information regarding the Ukranian Famine which occurred in the 1930s under Josef Stalins regime.

12. Christian Peace Conference -- 1990-1991
This file contains background information on the Christian Peace Conference, (which was founded in 1958 in Prague), followed by a number of newsletters from the organization.

13. World Balance of Peace Conference -- 1981
This file contains information about a conference on global strategy for the defence of world freedom, which was held at Leeds Castle, Kent, in 1981, to which John Hasek was invited.  Included are papers, programs, and a list of participants.

14.  Wilton Park -- 1975-1978
Included in this file is information concerning a conference which John Hasek attended at Wilton Park in 1978, entitled Human rights versus the needs of security: the pressures of terrorism, as well as a number of Wilton Park Journals.
It should be noted that file 8 of this series also deals with terrorism.

15.  Defence. -- 1963-1988; predominant 1975-1988
a) Papers, Articles: 1975-1988
b) Publications: 1981-1988
c) Correspondence/Memorandums: 1963-1991; predominant 1976-1988
d) Miscellaneous: 1973,1986
These sub-files contain information which John Hasek collected on the subject of defence primarily on Canadian defence.

16. Correspondence with Cecil Merritt. --  1966-1991; predominant 1982-1991
This file contains  letters from Colonel Cecil Merritt to John Hasek, as well as letters to Merritt from various other people. Typically the material covers both peace-related issues and military-related issues.  Material dealing with the subject of the military can be found in series 2.

17.  Miscellaneous. -- 1971-1992
These sub-files contain information on a number of different topics, including racial issues, South Africa, housing, Latin America, and policing, as well as general peace issues. The majority of material is in the form of articles, pamphlets and publications, although there are also items such as rough notes and posters.
a) 1971-1986
b) 1987-1992

18.  Accuracy in Media (AIM). -- 1980-1991
This file contains items relating to an organization, Accuracy in Media (AIM), with which Hasek was associated.  Founded by Reed Irvine, AIM acted as a hardhitting media watchdog organization.  Included in this file are articles, programs, AIM reports, and newspapers containing an AIM column written by Reed Irvine.  It should be noted that in series 8, file 3, there are photographs of Reed Irvine.  It should also be noted that AIM was involved with John Haseks film, entitled The Seductive Illusion.  Material related to The Seductive Illusion can be found in series 1, sub-series 3.

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