Series 3: New Brunswick Fieldwork Interviews Conducted by Researchers Other than Kinloch -- [196-?]-1993; predominant 1977-1993 -- 54 cm of textual material; 2 audio reels, 27 audio cassettes.

Scope and Content: This series contains textual materials such as transcriptions and field notes, as well as audio tapes, for fieldwork interviews conducted in the New Brunswick region by dialectologists other than A. Murray Kinloch. In some instances, the fieldworkers were graduate students working under Kinloch's supervision but their projects were distinct from Kinloch's own research. The series is organized into six distinct sections, according to the fieldworker: Guy S. Lowman Jr., Raven I. McDavid Jr., Gabrielle Barrett-Lennard, Fazilah M. Ismail, S.S. Drew, and Barry D. MacKnight.

1. The Lowman Records, files 1-9, contain both textual and audio material. The textual material (files 1-7) includes photocopies of the original phonetic transcription and biographical information which Guy S. Lowman Jr. recorded when conducting interviews as a part of "LANE" (Linguistic Atlas of New England). Between the years 1931-1933, he conducted eight studies in western New Brunswick; this textual collection holds six of those eight. The photocopied nature of the text makes it difficult to read at times. Also included in the textual material is a book outlining what can be found on the subsequent audio material. The audio material (files 8-9) contains both reels and cassette tapes with fieldwork interviews which Kinloch presumed to have been completed by Lowman. Some of these interviews correspond with the textual interviews in the first six files.

2. The McDavid Records, files 10-11, are original copies of the phonetic transcription and field notes of Professor Raven I. McDavid Jr. from his two fieldwork interviews that were conducted in Fredericton, New Brunswick in 1960. Although the informants are identified, no biographical information is available.

3. Files 12-15 contain biographical information and phonetic transcription for fieldwork interviews conducted by Kinloch's student, Gabrielle Ann Evers Barrett-Lennard in the summer of 1985. The majority of the files contain a large comparative phonetic chart for the individual informant, and some files also contain notes and comments from Kinloch. The information which Barrett-Lennard gathered from the three female informants was used to write her 1986 M.A. Thesis entitled The Phonology of Three Women of Northumberland County, New Brunswick. (UNB Thesis 4084).

4. Files 16-28 contain thirteen audio cassette tapes created by Fazilah M. Ismail from interviews with various people in the Fredericton area in 1993. Each interview involves preliminary biographical questions, followed by a short sheet of words which the informant reads aloud. There is typically only one interview per side of tape, and there is a number written in red on each side of the tape, which gives a rough estimation of when the interview starts on the counter. Often, however, the interview starts somewhat before the number listed. There is no textual material to accompany these tapes, so the spellings of names are imposed by the archivist.

5. Files 29-32 contain a series of four interviews conducted by S.S. Drew in 1977 for a linguistic project which involved surveying the St. John County region. It is indicated that the director of the project was Kinloch, and the worksheet used was that of the UNB Dialect Group. Each file (with one interview per file) contains two cassette tapes.

6. Files 33-34 contain a fieldwork interview conducted by Barry D. MacKnight in January and March of 1985. The textual records (file 33) contain completed biographical and interview information sheets. Also included are interview question sheets, although there is no phonetic transcription accompanying the questions. The audio portion contains 3 cassette tapes.


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Related Material: There are a number of interviews conducted by fieldworkers other than Kinloch in the New Brunswick region, which fall under different categories. Significant related holdings include: series 4 (Dialect Investigation), series 5 (UNB Dialect Group), series 6 (Class Preparation, Student Records and Student Projects), and series 8 (Survey of Canadian English). Also, it should be noted that there is another fieldwork interview conducted by McDavid, which can be found in series 11, sub-series 2, file 43.

File listings available upon request.

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