Series 5: "UNB Dialect Group" Working Papers, Transcriptions and Sound Recordings. -- 1970-1982 -- 12 cm of textual material, 33 audio reels, 4 audio cassettes.

Scope and Content: This series documents the formation, the projects and the procedures of the "UNB Dialect Group". During the academic year 1970-71, seven students at UNB united to form the "UNB Dialect Group". The objective of the group was to make phonetic records pertaining to the dialectology of English in New Brunswick. Dr. A. M. Kinloch agreed to be the Director and to accept responsibility for the success or failure of the project. It was decided that the project would concentrate on 'prestige' dialects, and consequently the worksheet adopted was that of Professors A.L Davis and L.M. Davis from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Informants were sought whose parents were native residents of the informant's home area and had received education beyond grade 12; the informants themselves were university or teacher college students. It appears as though this group had direct affiliation with some of Kinloch's linguistic courses.

The group continued for the next decade, with new members every year. It appears as though the preferred type of informant changed, as the interviews from 1972-73 onwards were not solely completed with students, but rather people with a variety of different occupations. Also, during the years 1974-1975, records were done in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Quebec as well as New Brunswick.

Also included in this series is biographical information and phonetic transcriptions for the fieldwork, as well as audio records of the interviews. It is divided into two sub-series:

1. Textual Records for the "UNB Dialect Group". -- 1970-1980
2. Sound Recordings of the "UNB Dialect Group" Interviews. -- 1971-1982


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Related Material: There are a number of interviews that were done as class projects for Kinloch's English 3030 class, as well as one done for his English 4950 class, which can be found in series 6.  These were separated from the UNB Dialect Group as there was no affiliation mentioned, and they were done in the later eighties.

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