Inventory to the A. Murray Kinloch fonds

UA RG 228

Compiled by Tara Simmonds

Archives & Special Collections Department
Harriet Irving Library
University of New Brunswick
P.O. Box 7500
Fredericton, New Brunswick
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March 2001

This finding aid was funded by a grant under the
Canadian Council of Archives Control of Holdings Program

Table of Contents

Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

1. Writings on Canadian English Working Papers and Related Material.
           1. Working Papers
           2. Finding Aids and Related Material
2. "New Brunswick Dialect Survey" Transcriptions, Sound Recordings and Supplementary Materials.
           1. Textual Records for Field Interviews Conducted by A. Murray Kinloch
           2. Audio Records for Field Interviews Conducted by A. Murray Kinloch
           3. Supplementary Material
3. New Brunswick Fieldwork Interviews Conducted by Researchers Other than Kinloch.
4. "Dialect Investigation" Working Papers and Sound Recordings.
5. "UNB Dialect Group" Working Papers, Transcriptions and Sound Recordings.
           1. Textual Records for the "UNB Dialect Group"
           2. Sound Recordings of the "UNB Dialect Group" Interviews
6. Class Preparation, Student Records and Student Projects.
           1. Class Preparation, Content and Student Records
           2. Student Projects
7. Phonetic Analysis Working Papers.
8. "Survey of Canadian English" Questionnaires and Sound Recordings
           1. "Survey of Canadian English" Questionnaires and Follow-up Information from New Brunswick.
           2. Audio Reels from the Follow-up Interviews done for the "Survey of Canadian English"
9. Checklists of Regional Expressions used by Raven I. McDavid Jr.
10. Miscellaneous Sample Questionnaires.
11. Miscellaneous Textual and Audio Records.
           1. Miscellaneous Textual Records
           2. Miscellaneous Audio Records
12. Correspondence with W. C. Lougheed.

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