Series 8: "Survey of Canadian English" Questionnaires and Sound Recordings. -- [1971?]-1974 -- 17 cm of textual material; 16 audio reels.

Scope and Content: Plans for the preparation of "The Survey of Canadian English" were announced at the Canadian Council of Teachers of English (C.C.T.E.) Conference in Winnipeg in 1970. M.H. Scargill, of the University of Victoria, was named Director of the survey. The questions were meant to pinpoint the changes in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and spelling used by native-born English-speaking Canadians over the generations. Among the various scholars who acted as Regional Directors of the survey was A.M. Kinloch. In the fall of 1971 and in 1972 questionnaires and answer sheets were sent to the Regional Directors, and then forwarded to the schools. Each student received one questionnaire and three answer sheets -- one to be completed by the student, and one by each of the student's parents. Follow-up interviews were held to enlarge on the findings from the printed questionnaires. In 1974, a book of the results was created, entitled Modern Canadian English Usage: Linguistic Change & Reconstruction.

This series contains both the completed questionnaires from the "Survey of Canadian English" within the New Brunswick region and 16 audio reels from a set of follow-up interviews.

The series is divided into two sub-series:

1. "Survey of Canadian English" Questionnaires and Follow-up Information from New Brunswick. -- [1971?]-1974
2. Audio Reels from the Follow-up Interviews Done for the "Survey of Canadian English". -- 1973


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Related Material: A copy of Modern Canadian English Usage: Linguistic Change & Reconstruction can be found in Series 11, sub-series 1, file 20.

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