Series 6: John Haseks Student Life: Transcripts and Other Material.  -- [1963-1981]; predominant 1965-1976 -- 30 cm. of textual material.

Scope and Content: This series contains material from John Haseks life as a student. Included are items such as textbooks, notes, correspondence, transcripts, and scholarship information.

The files in this series are arranged by the school or program which John Hasek attended, with the exception of three files: Haseks transcripts (from a variety of different schools); information on the Department of National Defence scholarships; and a collection of small bits of material from schools other than the ones already documented.

Arrangement is primarily by school.


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Restrictions on Access, Use, Reproduction and Publication: The transcripts found in file 6 of this series are restricted in order to protect Haseks privacy.

Series 6: File Listings.


1. Special Warfare School -- 1964-1965
a) Notes/Advance Sheets -- 1964-1965
b) Notes/Advance Sheets -- 1964-1965
c) Miscellaneous -- 1965
Includes news articles, a piece of correspondence, a yearbook, and a certificate

2. Canadian Forces Staff College -- 1968-1976
a) Books  -- 1968-1972
Includes textbooks and formal papers.
b) Books -- 1971-1972
Includes a textbook and a directory.
b) Books -- n.d.
Includes a textbook.
c) Miscellaneous
Includes correspondence, a student exercise inquiry, and a certificate.

3. Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) -- 1975-1977
a) Miscellaneous -- 1975-1977
Includes a personal liability and clearance certificate, as well as multiple pieces of correspondence and redresses of grievances. Most of the correspondence and the redresses deal with a disagreement between Hasek and one of his professors.
b) Centre for International Relations -- c. 1976
This sub-file contains material which appears to be connected with the Centre for International Relations, which worked very closely with the Royal Military College of Canada.  Included is correspondence, as well as notes, cue cards, papers   and articles.  The articles mainly deal with issues such as Vietnam, NATO, and how to report on a war. Related material can be found in series 1, 2 and 3.

4. London School of Economics (LSE) -- 1976
Included in this file are correspondence, an LSE handbook, and a form outlining Haseks education and military experience, as well as other pieces of personal information.

5. Material from Various Schools --  [1963], 1968-1970
Included in this file is material such as certificates, staff data, letters of acceptance, a convocation invitation, notes, tests and correspondence. The schools/courses included in this file are: Combat Team Commander Course (1969), Combat Arms School (1969), Institute of Psychiatry - University of London (1970), University of New Brunswick (1968), Canadian School of Military Intelligence [1963], and École de Langues des Forces Canadiennes - Section Français (n.d.).

6. Transcripts --  various dates. RESTRICTED
This file contains transcripts from various universities, including the University of New Brunswick, the University of Ottawa, The Royal Military College of Canada, and the University of Manitoba.

7. Department of National Defence Scholarship -- 1976
This file contains material collected concerning an award called the Department of National Defence Scholarship, which John Hasek applied for in 1976.  Included in this file are two supporting letters, as well as information concerning the scholarship, and a completed application form. It should be noted that one of the supporting letters was written by Milton Gregg.

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