Series 1:  John Hasek’s Work as a Writer, Orator and Filmmaker:  Articles and Other Material. -- 1968-1993 -- 80 cm. of textual material.

Scope and Content: This series documents John Hasek’s writing, film-making, and public speaking.  Hasek penned numerous articles and papers for magazines, newspapers, and other publications, and also wrote a book entitled The Disarming of Canada, which was published in 1987.  Hasek also gave many lectures, and appeared on radio and television talk shows.  Combining these two talents, Hasek  researched, scripted, directed and narrated a film entitled The Seductive Illusion in 1989.  A large amount of his work was extremely controversial, and sparked much response and debate from the public.

Included in this series are both draft and published copies of a large number of Hasek’s articles and papers, as well as draft copies and working papers relating to his book, his film, and his oral presentations.  Also included is correspondence, feedback, and financial and legal material.  It is divided into four sub-series:

1. Articles, Papers and Reviews Written by John Hasek/Hasek’s Life as a  Journalist and Editor.  -- 1968-1992
2. The Disarming of Canada: Working Papers and Other Material.  -- 1977-1989;  predominant 1983-1989
3. The Seductive Illusion:  Working Papers and Other Material.  -- 1978-1992;  predominant 1987-1989
4. Speeches and Other Material. -- 1976-1993


Title: Title is based on contents of the fonds.

Related Material: This series covers almost the entire spectrum of John Hasek’s interests, as he consistently put forth his ideas to the public by means of written work, film, and/or oral presentation.  Consequently, most files within this series are related in some fashion to various other series and files throughout the fonds.

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