Series 2: "New Brunswick Dialect Survey" Transcriptions, Sound Recordings and Supplementary Materials. -- 1969-1984; predominant 1969-1973, 1984 -- 1.72 m of textual material; 81 audio reels and 49 audio cassettes.

Scope and Content: This series documents a dialect survey of the New Brunswick region which Professor A. Murray Kinloch undertook. During the winter of 1969-1970, Kinloch began this project, which appears to be part of a larger Maritimes Dialect Survey. Kinloch's first priority was to complete a re-recording of the eight communities studied by Guy S. Lowman Jr. in early 1931-32 (see series 3). He finished the first batch of his interviews in 1973 and then took up the project again in 1984. The initial project was supported by the University of New Brunswick, which gave him a sabbatical leave, and a grant of 1000$, as well as the Maritimes Dialect Survey, who supplied him with tape. His main area of work focussed on Western New Brunswick, but also covered the Saint John River and surrounding upland. The worksheets used were primarily those of the Maritimes Dialect Survey, itself a development of the Linguistic Atlas of New England (LANE).

This series contains the textual records, comprised of the questions used and phonetic transcriptions of field interviews with individual informants; audio tapes of the interviews, and supplementary material relating to the project as a whole. It is divided into three sub-series:

1. Textual Records for Field Interviews Conducted by A. Murray Kinloch. -- 1969- 1984; predominant 1969-1973; 1984
2. Audio Records for Field Interviews Conducted by A. Murray Kinloch. -- 1969-1984; predominant1969-1973; 1984
3. Supplementary Material. -- various dates


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

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