Series 2, sub-series 2: Audio Records for Field Interviews Conducted by A. Murray Kinloch. -- 1969-1984; predominant 1969-1973; 1984 -- 81 audio reels, 49 audio cassettes.

Scope and Content: This sub-series contains the sound recordings which accompany the fieldwork interviews which Kinloch completed for the N.B. Dialect Survey. For the interviews, 1969-1973, audio reels were used; for the interviews in 1984, audio cassettes were used. The tapes are labelled in much the same way as the textual records of the interviews with a combination of a field record number, ie NB 1, and a community number, i.e. L 430, and, for the most part, correspond directly to the textual information recorded. For both the audio reels and the cassettes, the tape case has details of the contents and how they correspond to the textual material. (eg: "Side 1. Green. 1-198 " indicates that on side one of a reel-to-reel tape, which uses green tape leader, the interview covered from page 1 - page 9, question 8 of the textual records).

Arrangement follows the field record numbers indicated for each interview.


Title: Title based on contents of the series.

Other: Researchers should be aware that the recordings frequently have an extended period of blank tape at the beginning of the second side.

File listings available upon request.

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