Series 2, sub-series 1: Textual Records for Field Interviews Conducted by A. Murray Kinloch. -- 1969-1984; predominant 1969-1973; 1984. -- 90 cm of textual material.

Scope and Content: This sub-series contains the questions used, phonetic transcriptions and notes compiled by Kinloch as he conducted the "New Brunswick Dialect Survey". Kinloch documented each interview in a single volume which is labelled with a field record number, i.e. NB1, and a community number, i.e. L430, in addition to the informant's name and place of residence. The interviews, 1969-1973, are found in volumes NB 1 - NB 17; the interviews from 1984 are found in volumes NB18 - NB 24. Included in each volume are sheets containing biographical information about the informant, often with information added about Kinloch's impression of the informant's personality, the quality of the tape, and glitches in the interview itself.

In the first group of interviews, 1969-1973, apart from the standard questionnaire, there is a "Lx" section where Kinloch queried the informant about local expressions, and a supplement section for omissions or errors. In the second group of interviews, 1984, there is a "visual" section, which was done with the use of a pictorial aid, and sometimes a reading list. In this second group, Kinloch also got the informants to read from the text entitled "Harry's House" (see series 10, files 5 and 12).

Arrangement follows the field record numbers indicated for each interview.


Title: Title is based on contents of the sub-series.

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