Winslow Papers

What's New with the Winslow Family Papers

On 11 May 2005, the official launch of the Winslow Family Papers website was held at the Wu Conference Centre on the University of New Brunswick Campus. Jointly hosted by the University Archives and the Electronic Text Centre, the event attracted a full house for the festivities.

A number of talks about the significance of Edward Winslow, his legacy of papers, and the electronic edition of his papers were given. Noted Loyalist scholar David Bell of UNB's Faculty of Law spoke about "The Winslow Papers and the Writing of Loyalist History". Corey Slumkoski and Mike Meade of UNB's Digital Imaging Centre provided an overview of the electronic edition, and discussed some of the technical aspects of the website's development. Lisa Charlong, Associate Director of the Electronic Text Centre, and Margaret Conrad, Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Studies, talked about the research potential of the electronic edition for future scholars. Finally, Alan Burk, Director of the Electronic Text Centre, dedicated the site to the memory of Ann Gorman Condon, an internationally-respected Loyalist scholar and a distinguished Professor of History at UNB. Following the dedication, Ann's husband Tom Condon delivered some "Remarks on the Dedication of the Winslow Electronic Site to the Memory of Ann Gorman Condon, May 11, 2005".