Winslow Papers


Throughout the long history which preceded the creation of an electronic version of the Winslow Papers, many individuals shared in the collection, administration, indexing and preservation of these documents. It is the result of their dedication to history that these papers are now excellent candidates for electronic imaging. These individuals are listed below, along with those responsible for producing the electronic edition. For the electronic edition, we do want to single out Marc Bragdon and his colleagues in making that edition a reality and for Marcs perseverance. The electronic edition was more than five years in the making.

Mary Flagg, University Archivist
Alan Burk, Director of the Electronic Text Centre

List of Contributors: *

Lord Beaverbrook
J. Russell Harper
Margaret Ince
Winslow Family
Mary Allwood
Anne Byers
Mary Duclos
Ruth Lewis
Alice Siedner
Charlotte Winslow
Kenelm and Marjorie Winslow
J.J. Fraser Winslow
John Winslow
Paul Winslow
Edward H. Winslow-Spragge
University Administrators and Librarians
Dr. Alan Burk
Dr. James Downey
Dr. Gertrude Gunn
Sheila Laidlaw
Dr. Colin B. Mackay
Susan Montague
A. Robert Rogers
John Teskey
Marjorie Thompson
Archives and Special Collections and the Bonar Law - Bennett Library
Dr. A.G. Bailey
Jean Boone
Cheryle Brown
Olive Cameron
Rod Cater
Janice Cook
Muriel Daniel
Mary Flagg
Barry Grant
Mary Lane
Patti Johnson
Zeta Rosenberg
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick - Conservation
Karen Brown
Harold Holland
Leslie McDougall
Digital imaging and metadata entry
Jonathan Bowie
Jennifer Hannotte
Mike Meade
Corey Slumkoski
Andrew Titus
Allison Webster
Amanda Wood
Trails Section
Dr. Margaret Conrad
Corey Slumkoski
Graphic design
Monica Currie
Tanya Duffy
Metaxia Flogeras
Lisa Harrison
Database development
Sandy Bird
Marc Bragdon
Web design
Marc Bragdon
Corey Slumkoski

* We apologize for anyone whom we may have left out.