Series No. 5

Speaking Engagements.--1927-1986 ; (predominant 1956-1986). -- 10 cm of textual records

Scope and content: This series documents Trueman's role as a public speaker. It also reflects the unofficial part he played in promoting New Brunswick tourism. In addition, the series highlights one of the important modes he used to promote his literary works. It consists of travel itineraries, speech notes, draft speeches, printed programmes, and newspaper reports.

The series is comprised of 3 subseries: 1. Addresses, 2. Notes and Programmes, 3. Speaking Tours Itineraries.

Subseries 1, Addresses includes the full text of addresses delivered to individual groups and organizations. Of special interest is Trueman's 1970 address to the Canadian Authors' Association.

Subseries 2, Notes and Programmes includes Trueman's brief talk notes, copies of programmes, and newspaper reports of his public speaking appearances. In some instances, the audiences and the dates of his speeches have been identified.

Subseries 3, Speaking Tours Itineraries contains schedules related to two cross-country speaking tours organized by the Canadian Clubs. These tours were partially funded by the New Brunswick government. As well, the series includes the itinerary for a tour of western Canada to promote cross-Canada tourist air travel.

File arrangement is random.

Title based on contents of series.

Trueman's 1971 convocation address to St. Thomas University is located in series 7, Personal.

Series 5, Subseries No. 1


BOX NO. 27

1. Address to Annual Convention - Canadian Authors' Association Halifax, N.S. (1970)

2. Address to Centenary "Ladies Night" (1961)

3. Address to Millidgeville North High School Graduating Class (1972)

4. Address to Y's Men's Club (1957)

5. Address to meeting - construction of new school at Rothesay, N.B.?, n.d.

6. Address "about the war through the eyes of the newspaper..." ca. 1940 (by Trueman?)

7. Address entitled "April Fools and Others" 1927 (by Trueman?)

8. Greetings to the By-Line Ball, n.d.

Series 5, Subseries No. 2

Notes and Programmes

9. Notes, 1956-1959 (audience identified)

10. Notes, 1963-1969 (audience identified)

11. Notes, 1970-1978 (audience identified)

12. Notes, 1981-1985 (audience identified)

13. Notes, n.d. (audience identified)

14. Notes, n.d. (audience identified)

15. Notes, n.d. (audience unidentified)

16. Notes, n.d. (audience unidentified)

17. Introduction for Stuart Trueman

18. List of Organizations Addressed, n.d.

19. List of Address Topics

20. Speaking Engagements 1951-1966 (clippings)

21. Speaking Engagements 1967-1969 (clippings)

22. Speaking Engagements 1970-1973 (clippings)

23. Speaking Engagements 1974-1986 (clippings)

24. Speaking Engagements n.d. (clippings)

25. Speaking Engagements - Programmes 1946-1969

26. Speaking Engagements - Programmes 1970-1986, n.d.

Series 5, Subseries No. 3

Speaking Tours Itineraries

27. Canadian Club Tour 1971

28. Canadian Club Tour 1975

29. Canadian Club Tour n.d., Quebec (also includes a copy of Trueman's address "Why don't we have more heroes in Canadian history?"

30. Trip to Western Canada (1971) to promote cross-Canada tourist air travel

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