Series No. 7

Personal.-- 1933-1991 ; (predominant 1960-1991).-- 42 cm of textual records

Scope and content: This series contains mostly newspaper clippings relating to people, places and events of personal significance in Trueman's life. It also includes biographical information about Trueman written mostly by him.

Included with this series is 1 box of unsorted newspaper articles written my Stuart Trueman's son, MacMillian (Mac). These articles were published in The Telegraph Journal and The Evening Times-Globe. The series also includes 3 personal scrapbooks compiled by Trueman.

Of special interest is file 3 which contains a typescript copy of an address delivered by Lord Beaverbrook at a testimonial dinner held at Newcastle, N.B. on 7 September 1962.

Also of special interest are file 12 and file 14 which contain clippings relating to Trueman's receipt of honourary degrees from St. Thomas University and the University of New Brunswick respectively. File 13 contains a copy of Trueman's 1971 convocation address to St. Thomas.

File arrangement is alphabetical.

Title based on contents of series.

See series 1 for correspondence concerning Trueman's honourary degrees, Operation John Gyles, Jack Brayley, Lord and Lady Beaverbrook, Dorothy Meigs Eidlitz, and Ralph Costello.

See series 3 and series 4 for articles by Trueman about Lord Beaverbrook, Thornton W. Burgess, Dorothy Meigs Eidlitz and Magnetic Hill.

BOX NO. 29

1. Activities 1981-1985, n.d. (clippings - not public speaking engagements)

2. Aitken, John William Maxwell (newspaper article, 1944)

3. Amusing Mementos (humour file)

4. Automobile Accident (Mildred and Stuart Trueman), 1982

5. Beaverbrook, Lord (typescript copy of Beaverbrook's address given at a testimonial dinner at Newcastle, N.B on 7 September 1962)

6. Beaverbrook, Lord, 1938-1964, n.d. (clippings of articles)

7. Brayley, Jack 1976-1991 (clippings of articles)

8. Burgess, Thornton W. 1959-1978, n.d. (clippings of articles)

9. Business/Professional Cards (various individuals)

10. Costello, Ralph 1987-1990, n.d. (clippings of articles)

11. Eidlitz, Dorothy Meigs, 1974-1975 (clippings of articles)

12. Honourary Degree, St. Thomas University, 1971 (clippings & copy of citation)

13. Honourary Degree, St. Thomas University, 1971 - convocation address by Stuart Trueman

14. Honourary Degree, University of New Brunswick, 1979 (clippings)

15. Lists compiled by Trueman (miscellaneous)

16. London, Donna (London, Eng. cabaret artist, born - Saint John, N.B.)

17. Magnetic Hill 1933-1988, n.d. (clippings of articles)

18. Operation John Gyles, 1968 - Carleton County Scouts (clippings of articles)

19. Personal Legal Papers, 1945-1987 (birth certificate, wills, leases, passport)

20. Retirement Party, Sept.1971

21. Sclanders, Ian 1966 (clippings)

22. Silver Anniversary (Mildred and Stuart Trueman)

23. Trueman, Douglas and Macmillan (Mac) - clippings & mementos

24. Trueman, S. Macmillan (clippings of unsorted newspaper articles) Location: Box No. 37

25. Trueman, Stuart D. - biographical sketches (prepared by Trueman)

26. Trueman, Stuart D. - biographical information 1937-1987, n.d. (clippings, notes)

27. Trueman, Stuart D. - genealogical information

Scrapbook A - Trueman, Stuart D. - personal scrapbook containing newspaper clippings respecting his career (book reviews, book promotion, speaking engagements) OVERSIZE

Scrapbook B - Trueman, Stuart D. - personal scrapbook containing mostly book reviews OVERSIZE

Scrapbook C - Trueman, Stuart D. - personal scrapbook containing clippings of news articles (most probably by Mac Trueman) OVERSIZE

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