Series 7: Canadian Youth Service/Katimavik: Writings and Correspondence. -- 1974-1986; predominant 1976-1980 -- 10.5 cm. of textual material

Scope and Content: This series contains material related to a project with which John Hasek was involved, the implementation of a Canadian Youth Service.  Organized by then-minister of defence Barney Danson, the objective was to provide a program which would contribute to character development, as well as physical fitness and good citizenship of young Canadians, thereby resulting in activities that would make a contribution to the Nation.  The result was a program called Katimavik, which was launched by Danson in 1977.  It can be assumed that Hasek was a part of the ad hoc committee which Danson formed in 1976.  Consequently, many of the items reflect  Haseks ideas concerning the initial project, as well as ideas concerning Katimavik itself.  Included are a number of papers and articles, as well as memorandums and correspondence.

Arrangement is arbitrary.


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Related Material: Some of John Haseks writings/papers on the subject of National Youth Service and Katimavik can be found in series 1, sub-series 1, file 1.

Series 7: File Listings.


1.  Writings Concerning The Canadian Youth Service. -- 1976-1977
Included in this file are a number of papers written about the Canadian Youth Service (many of which have no names attached to them), as well as a publication entitled Youth and Employment Proceedings: the Need for Integrated Policies.

2.  Writings Concerning Katimavik. -- 1974-1980
Included in this file are a number of newspaper articles concerning Katimavik, as well as a bound volume which appears to have been compiled  by John Hasek.  Along with newspaper articles not written by Hasek, there are also a number of papers that do appear to have been written by Hasek within the volume. [The reason that these papers were not placed with the rest of Haseks articles (series 1, sub-series 1, file 1) was that it was not felt that anything should be moved out of the bound volume for fear of disrupting original order.]

3. Correspondence and Memorandums. -- 1976-1986; predominant 1976-1977
This file contains correspondence and memorandums concerning The Canadian Youth Service. Although there are some pieces written to or from John Hasek, there are also a number which Hasek was not directly involved with, but seems to have collected.

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