Winslow Papers

Scholarly Papers and Invited Talks given by Ann Gorman Condon

Scholarly Papers

"The Mind in Exile: Loyalty in the Winslow Papers." The 10th Milham Lecture, Harriet Irving Library, UNB Fredericton, 18 November 1998. Listen to the lecture

Televised Lecture on "Jonathan Odell: New Brunswick's First Librarian" at Sesquicentenial Series honoring 150th anniversary of the New Brunswick Legislative Library, 1991 (Rebroadcast many times on Cable TV).

"The Loyalists and the Commonwealth in an Age of Nationalism." Meeting of Royal Commonwealth Society, Saint John, NB, June 1993.

"Republicanism Rejected: Canada's Constitutional Act of 1791." Society for the History of the Early American Republic, York University, August 1990 and Canadian Historical Association, Queen's University, June 1991.

"Research - the Unfulfilled Promise." Canadian Museums Association, Workshop on the Future of Research in Museums, Saint John, 1988.

"Loyalist Style and the Culture of the Atlantic Seaboard." Universities Art Asociation of Canada, Annual Conference, Victoria, 1986.

"The Celestial World of Jonathan Odell: Symbolic Unities within a Disparate Artifact Collection." Conference on North American Material Culture Research sponsored by the Winterthur Museum and Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, 1986.

"The Circuitous Career of Loyalist Plans for Colonial Union in America and Canada, 1754-1914." Conference on the Treaty of Paris (1783) sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson International Center and the Folger Library, Washington, DC, 1983.

"The Beast and the Banquet: Revolutionary and Loyalist Approaches to Democracy in North Ameria." Canadian Historical Association, Vancouver, June 1983.

Participant in "Ideas" series on the Loyalists, CBC FM programmed, 1983.

Public Lecture on the Loyalists, National Heritage Museum, Lexington, Massachusetts, 1983.

Commentator on two papers on "Loyalists and the American Revolution," Canadian Historical Association, Ottawa, 1982.

"New Brunswick's First Play: A Political Satire by Edward Winslow." Atlantic Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, Moncton, 1977.

"Hope Restored: The Revitalization of Loyalist Politics in New Brunswick." Canadian Historical Association, Fredericton, 1977.

Principal participant in hour-long CBC radio documentary on the "Loyalists." Edited by Marjorie Whitelaw; broadcast throughout the Maritimes on Marach 26, 1977 and many times since.

"Marching to a Different Drummer - The Ideology of the American Loyalists." Loyalist Conference of the Institute for United States Studies, University of London, 1975.

"A Survey of Research Presently underway on the History of the Loyalists in the Maritime Provinces." Canadian Historical Association, Kingston, 1973.

Invited Talks

"Les réactions des anglophones des maritimes face á la révolution française." University of Moncton, Moncton, NB, 1990.

"The Loyalist Alternative to American Individualism." Institute for Canadian-American Relations, Dartmouth College, 1988.

"The Resort to Metaphor in the Colonial Histories of Lecky, Andrews, and Bailyn." Colloquium Honoring Bernard Bailyn, Harvard University, 1987.

"The Celestial World of Jonathan Odell." Canadian Studies Centre, Mount Allison University, Sackville, NB, 1985.