Series No. 1

Correspondence [textual record]. -- 1869-1943. -- 24 cm of textual records

Scope and content: This series contains correspondence with family, friends, editors, publishers, politicians and literary figures. Roberts's literary and political circles included his cousin Bliss Carman, John Reade, Lorne Pierce, Ernest T. Seton, Arthur Stringer, Charles Loomis, Wilson MacDonald, W. D. Lighthall, A. C. Dalton, George Frederick Clarke, R. B. Bennett and W. L. Mackenzie King. Most of the correspondence is incoming, although the series includes several letters addressed to the Roberts children or written by Charles G. D. Roberts. A few communications are between members of the Roberts family other than Charles G. D. Roberts.

The letters discuss family matters, social activities, literary activities, contracts, speaking engagements, travels abroad, Roberts's wartime activities and Elsie Pomeroy's biography of Roberts. They also include invitations to social gatherings and congratulatory messages as well as comments about various literary works. This series also includes a copy of William Arthur Deacon's 1940 address to the Canadian Authors' Association.

Title based on contents of the series

File arrangement is chronological

A calendar of correspondence which lists dates of letters, names of correspondents, and subjects discussed is available

A few letters addressed to May Roberts and Edith Roberts are located in series 2

Other personal and business letters to Charles G. D. Roberts are located in MG L5 Lloyd Roberts, MG L27a Gwendolyn Merrin Massey collection and MG L27c Lady Joan Roberts collection

Personal letters from Charles G. D. Roberts to Kathleen Strathearn are located in MG L31 Kathleen Strathearn fonds

2 business letters from Charles G. D. Roberts, one each to Mr. Stone and Rufus H. Hathaway are located in the Rufus Hathaway collection

Photocopies of letters from Charles G. D. Roberts to his family, friends and acquaintances are located in MG L26 The Collected letters of Sir Charles G. D. Roberts fonds. Also included are a very few original letters

19 letters and 2 postcards from Charles G. D. Roberts to Bliss Carman (1885-1888) are located in MG L32 Isabel St. John Bliss collection


1. 1869-1899, correspondence

2. 1900-1920, correspondence

3. 1925-1929, correspondence

4. 1927-1929, correspondence

5. 1930-1931, correspondence


6. 1932-1933, correspondence

7. 1934-1935, correspondence

8. 1936-1937, correspondence

9. 1938-1939, correspondence

10. 1940, correspondence
     Note: Includes a copy of William Arthur Deacon's address to the Canadian Authors' Association

11. 1941-1942, correspondence

12. 1943, correspondence

13. Undated correspondence

14. Scraps of correspondence

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