Series No. 2

Manuscripts, scrapbook and other material [textual record, graphic material]. -- 1859-1943. - -12 cm of textual records, 4 photographs : b&w; 25.5 x 16.7 cm or smaller, 2 plate glass negatives : b&w; 6.3 x 5 cm and 1 watercolour; 20.5 x 15 cm

Scope and content: This series contains typescript or holograph poems and essays by various authors including Bliss Carman, H. Bernard Carpenter, G. Lionel Cobham, Charles G. D. Roberts, J. Elizabeth Gostwycke Roberts, Lloyd Roberts, Theodore Goodridge Roberts, Duncan Campbell Scott and A. W. Also included are 2 holograph poems by Charles G. D. Roberts's father George Goodridge Roberts, Sir Charles's notebook and Edith Roberts's family scrapbook.

The notebook contains drafts of numerous poems, often with the place and date of composition noted. Scrapbook materials include a holograph poem by Bliss Carman; newspaper or magazine clippings of poems by Bliss Carman, Charles G. D. Roberts and other writers; newspaper clippings of articles about local events and family activities; photographs; original letters to May Roberts from her children and original letters to Edith Roberts from her parents and siblings.

Title based on contents of the series

File arrangement is alphabetical by author's surname

Several royalty statements and agreements between Charles G. D. Roberts and various publishers and Sir Charles's literary notebook (1925-1942) are located in MG L5 Lloyd Roberts fonds

Typescript or holograph poems by Charles G. D. Roberts are also located in MG L27a Gwendolyn Merrin Massey collection, MG L27b Margaret Creswick Newman collection, and MG L27c Lady Joan Roberts collection

Photocopies of Sir Charles's poems are located in MG L24 The Collected Poems of Sir Charles G. D. Roberts fonds

5 holograph or typescript poems by Charles G. D. Roberts and an offprint of his "Canada" (1885) are located in MG L32 Isabel St. John Bliss collection


1. Untitled / [by] W. B. C. [Bliss Carman], March 1886

2. The twelfth night star / [by] Bliss Carman, 1908

3. In exile / [by] Bliss Carman, [18?]

4. The House of Idiedaily / [by] Bliss Carman, [19?]

5. Apollo / [by] H. Bernard Carpenter, [18?]

6. To Sir Charles G. D. Roberts / [by] G. Lionel Cobham, 25 March 1936

7. The city of Fredericton / [by] Charles G. D. Roberts, [19?]

8. The kill / [by] Charles G. D. Roberts, [19?]

9. The silver frost / by Charles G. D. Roberts, 1904

10. The kittens of the lynx / by Charles G. D. Roberts, 1904

11. On the road / [by] Charles G. D. Roberts, January 1915

12. Tabitha Blue the indiscretions of a Persian cat / [by] Charles G. D. Roberts, 27 March 1932

13. Some reminiscences of Bliss Carman in New York / [by] Charles G. D. Roberts, 8 November 1940

14. To Emma and Thy way, not mine / [by] George Goodridge Roberts, 6 October 1859
      Note: 2 poems written on one sheet of paper

15. Kathaleena / [by] J. Elizabeth Gostwycke Roberts, [18?]

16. The fortress / [by] Lloyd Roberts, 15 September 1915

17. Excerpt from "The Fireflies" / [by?] Theodore Roberts, [18?]

18. Metrical compositions / [by] Theodore Goodridge Roberts, [18?]

19. More Beef! / by Theodore Goodridge Roberts, [19?]

20. Yeoman heart / by Theodore Goodridge Roberts, 12-13 November 1939

21. Untitled / [by] Duncan Campbell Scott, [18?]

22. The Knight / [by] A. W., [19?]
      Time / [by] A. W., [19?]
      Beggar in Rags / [by] A. W., [19?]
      Evadne / [by] A. W., [19?]
      Note: File contains 4 short poems

23. Notebook of Charles G. D. Roberts, 1902-1942

24. Scrapbook compiled by Edith Roberts,
      Note: Includes 4 photographs : b&w; 25.5 x 16.7 cm or smaller.
      a) Charles G. D. Roberts and Edith Roberts on the Thames, September 1921
      b) Patricia Roberts as a child, [19?]
      c) Linden Hall (Fredericton), [18?]
      d) George Goodridge Roberts and 2 companions in a canoe, [18?]

25. Correspondence to Mary (May) Roberts from Edith Roberts's scrapbook, 1894-1927

26. Correspondence to Edith Roberts from Edith Roberts's scrapbook, 1899-1930

27. Material (loose) from Edith Roberts's scrapbook
     Note: Includes a printed extract from a sermon preached by the Rev. G. G. Roberts...Jan. 31, 1886, in reference to the death of E. M. S. Fenety, M.A. as well as confirmation certificates for Athelstan, Edith and Douglas Roberts

28. Newspaper clippings, 1864

29. Newspaper clippings about Charles G. D. Roberts and other members of the Roberts family, 1918-1943

30. Biographical information about G. E. Theodore Goodridge Roberts

31. Kingscroft clothesline [graphic material] / drawn by A. L. Prat. - 11 February 1891. - 1 watercolour; 20.5 x 15 cm. - from the library window at Kingscroft [Windsor, N.S.]

32. The Chantirleer / published by the students of the Fredericton High School, Dec.-Jan. 1922- 1923

33. Miscellaneous material
     Note: Includes Christmas cards, invitations, programmes, and pamphlets, as well as a copy of "The Voice of the People", a reprint of the statement to the press issued by the Rt. Hon. Mackenzie King on the night of the general elections, October 14th, 1935

34. Jammie Tupper [graphic material] : head and shoulders portrait. - 24 September 1858. - 2 plate glass negatives : b&w; 6.3 x 5 cm. - emulsion peeling on both negatives


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