Series 2. UNB Lecture and Course Notes. -- ca. 1930-1944. -- 34.25 cm of textual material

Scope and Content: This series contains lecture and course notes compiled by W.C. Keirstead, 1933-1944, for classes in education, economics, and philosophy which he taught at the University of New Brunswick. During Keirstead's tenure at UNB, elements of psychology and sociology fell under the general category of philosophy, and political science was incorporated with economics. The material in this series comprises an assortment of rough notes, lectures in typescript and notebooks on specific topics. Occasionally, class lists or examinations are included. In one instance, Item 4, typescript and published articles by Keirstead were included with curriculum materials, suggesting that they were incorporated into that particular course.

The material is divided into three sub-series: Sub-series 1. Education Course Materials; Sub-series 2. Economics Course Materials; and Sub-series 3. Philosophy Course Materials. Within each division, the arrangement is roughly chronological, although much of the material is undated.


Title: Title based on content of the series.

Related Material: Notes from Keirstead's student days at the University of Chicago may be found in Series 1.

Other: Titles which appear on the documents are in quotation marks in the item listing. Otherwise, titles were assigned by the archivist to reflect content.

Box 2

Sub-series 1. Education Course Materials. --1933-1940; predominant 1938-1940. -- 7 cm of textual material

Item 1: "Notes on the History of Education," 1933.

Item 2: "Curriculum, Summer Terms and Assignments including 1938. Also former years."

Item 3: "Child Psychology and Education. Adolescent Psychology. For Year of 1938-1939. College Terms."

Item 4: "Curriculum Construction, 1939-1940." Includes typescript and published articles by W.C. Keirstead:
            "Fundamental Trends in the Curriculum" (Tps.) and "The Aims and Objects of Education" (Tps.);
            "Freedom in the Social Sciences" (The Educational Review, April 1939), "Discussion in Democracy"
            (The Canadian Forum, March 1939), "Ideals in Dictatorships and Democracies" (The Educational
            Review, May-June 1939), and "Failures of Freshmen." It also includes Keirstead's Address to the
            President, Members of the Faculty, and the Students of the University of Manitoba and a final exam
            for Secondary Education.

Item 5: Notes on Philosophy of Education, n.d.

Item 6: Notebook on Education, n.d.

Item 7: "The Education of a Democracy," n.d. Includes a variety of writings, most of which deal with philosophy or
            psychology of education.

Box 2

Sub-series 2. Economics Course Materials. --ca. 1930. -- 0.25 cm of textual material

Item 8: Outlines for Lectures V - VII on Economics, n.d.

Item 9: Notes on Economics, n.d.  Note:  Series 4, item 21 contains lecture notes for economics.

Box 2

Sub-series 3. Philosophy Course Materials. --1933-1944. -- 27 cm of textual material

Item 10: Notes for "Ethics, 1933."

Item 11: Notebook for "Ethics," [1933].

Item 12: Notes on "Philosophy, Spring term 1934."

Item 13: Notes on "Philosophy, Cunningham text, Winter 1936."

Item 14: Notes on "Philosophy, 1937-1938."

Item 16: Notes on "Philosophy of Science, Benjamin - the text. Fall term 1939."

Item 17: Examination for honours philosophy, 1941-1942. Loose course notes included.

Box 3

Item 18: Notes on Psychology and Philosophy, 1943-1944.

Item 19: Notes on "Junior Philosophy," n.d.

Item 20: Notes on Psychology, Religion, and Philosophy, n.d.

Item 21: Notes on "Sociology, also Social Disorganization," n.d.

Item 22: Lectures on "The Philosophy of the Enlightenment," "Descartes," and "Hobbes." n.d.

Item 23: Lecture on "More Platonism ... Doctrine of Ideas," n.d.

Item 24: Lecture on "Taylor - Psychology of Plato," n.d.

Item 25: Lecture on "Aristotle ... Wallace... Philosophy of Nature," n.d.

Item 26: Lecture on "Davidson - Ancient Educational Ideals," n.d.

Item 27: Lecture on "Plato - Caird," n.d.

Item 28: Lecture on "Nettleship." Also - "Plato's Ideas," n.d.

Item 29: Lecture on "The Republic," Book 1-3, n.d.

Item 30: Lecture on "Pater - Plato," n.d.

Item 31: Lecture on "Aristotle ... Taylor ... First Philosophy," n.d.

Item 32: Notes on "Johnston - Theory of Knowledge," n.d.

Item 33: Notebook on "Hegel," n.d. (The last part of the notebook contains an outline of British political history).

Item 34: Notebook on "Kant," n.d. Information from various sources including Smith and Lindsay.

Item 35: Notebook on "Greek Philosophy," n.d.

Item 36: Notes on various philosophers, including Mure, n.d.

Item 37: Notes on the philosophies of Bacon, Hobbes, and Descartes, n.d.

Box 4

Item 38: Notes on various philosophers, including Lindsay and Kant. n.d.

Item 39: Notes on "Burnett ... Plato," n.d.

Item 40: Lecture entitled "Locke - Gibson," n.d.

Item 41: Notes on "The Phil[osophical] Aspects of Science," n.d.

Item 42: Lecture entitled "Taylor - Plato," n.d. Also notes for the same.

Item 43: Notes on "Fuller," n.d.

Item 44: Lecture entitled "More ... Platonism," n.d.

Item 45: Notes on various topics including Evolution and Ethics, n.d.

Item 46: "Notes on Burtt's Metaphysics of Scientists," n.d.

Item 47: Notes on "Sullivan: Modern Bases of Science," n.d.

Item 48: Miscellaneous notes on Philosophy, n.d. (2 notebooks)

Item 49: Miscellaneous notes on Philosophy, n.d.

Item 50: Miscellaneous notes on Philosophy, n.d.

Item 51: Lecture on Locke and Spinoza, n.d.

Item 52: Notes on Locke's "Essay on Human Understanding." Also Hume, n.d.

Item 53: Notes on Hume, from various sources, n.d.

Item 54: Notes on "Plato's Ethics," n.d.

Item 55: Lecture on "The Ethics of Aristotle," n.d.

Item 56: Notes on "Ethics," n.d.

Item 57: Notes on "Motivation," n.d.

Item 58: Notes on Ethics, n.d.

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