Series 1. Personal Interest Documents and Student Course Notes. -- 1900-1980; predominant 1900-1949. -- 11 cm of textual material

Scope and Content: This series contains mostly articles relating to, or written by, W.C. Keirstead, 1900 to1980, on topics of personal rather than professional interest; and course notes taken by Keirstead as a student at the University of Chicago between 1900 to 1910. The personal documents relating to Keirstead include his obituary and eulogy; information relating to his son, Burton Seely Keirstead; and articles on W.C. Keirstead's involvement with the Y.M.C.A. and the United Baptist Church in Woodstock, N.B. There are also articles by Keirstead on C.C. Jones and the University of New Brunswick. As a doctoral student, Keirstead fell under the influence of John Dewey, then Professor of Philosophy at the University of Chicago. The course notes in this series are those from courses which Dewey taught, namely Philosophy of Education, Evolution of Morality, and the Logic of Ethics.

This series is divided into two sub-series: Sub-series 1. Personal Interest Documents and Sub-series 2. Student Course Notes. Arrangement within the sub-series is chronological.


Title: Title based on content of the series.

Related Material: Notes for courses taught by W.C. Keirstead at the University of New Brunswick can be found in Series 2.

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Sub-series 1. Personal Interest Documents. --1900-1980; predominant 1900-1949. -- 4 cm of textual material

Item 1: "A Search for a Social Philosophy," written by [W.C. Keirstead]. Book Review, 1900.

Item 2: "Two Good Speakers at Y.M.C.A." Rockford Republic, January 28, 1905.

Item 3: "Rev. Dr. Wilfred C. Keirstead." The Carleton Sentinel, November 2, 1906. (2 copies)

Item 4: "Temperance Speakers Ask for a Delegalized Drink Traffic." The Daily Gleaner, April 6, 1908.

Item 5: "Church Dedication and A Historical Sketch of the United Baptist Church at Woodstock."
            The Carleton Sentinel, May 29, 1908.

Item 6: "Canadians at Chicago," written by W.C. Keirstead. The Maritime Baptist, September 20, 1911.

Item 7: Letter to Miss Foster from W.C. Keirstead regarding Dayton Squires, October 27, 1921.

Item 8: Course Outlines for Potential Students, 1922.

Item 9: An Address Delivered by Acting President Ernest DeWitt Burton before the Chicago Alumni Club, May 31, 1923.

Item 10: Graduates' Re-union and Encaenia of the University of New Brunswick. Programme of Proceedings at
              Fredericton, May 13 to May 17, 1928.

Item 11: "Burton Seely Keirstead" - The Brunswickan, vol. 47, no. 7, May 1928.

Item 12: New Brunswick Department of Education Curriculum Committee. Minutes from July 29, 1937 and April 19, 1938.

Item 13: "Dr. Keirstead's Explanation." The Telegraph Journal, January 14, 1941.

Item 14: "Philosophy, Its Data and Its Aims," written by W.C. Keirstead. Culture, 1941. Reprint.

Item 15: "Remembering Dr. C.C. Jones," written by W.C. Keirstead. The Daily Gleaner, August 20, 1943.

Item 16: "Obituary, Wilfred Currier Keirstead, 1871-1944." Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science,
              vol. 11, no. 1, February 1945. Reprint. (3 copies)

Item 17: "Prof. B.S. Keirstead." The Brunswickan, vol. 68, no. 23, May 13, 1949.

Item 18: "Maturity as Indicated by Individualism was Discussed." The Daily Gleaner, May 13, 1949.
              (About W.C. Keirstead)

Item 19: "The Eulogies." The Alumni News, vol. 3, no. 3, March 1949. (About W.C. Keirstead)

Item 20: "Alumni Oration." The Alumni News, vol. 3, no. 5, June 1949. (About W.C. Keirstead)

Item 21: "Keirstead and the Ideals of Democratic Federalism." An address given by Leslie Armour at the
              University of New Brunswick on January 23, 1980.

Item 22: "The University of New Brunswick, Past and Present," written by W.C. Keirstead. The Dalhousie Review, n.d.

Item 23: Proposal for the W.C. Keirstead Memorial Lectures in Religion, n.d.

Box 1

Sub-series 2:  Student Course Notes. -- 1900-1910; predominant 1900-1901. -- 7 cm of textual material

Item 24:  Notes on the Lectures of Dewey Upon the Philosophy of Education.  Also includes notes on Mental Development
              and notes on the Idealism of Green, Bradley and Royce by Prof. Dewey.

Item 25:  Notes on the Evolution of Morality, October 2 - December 15, 1901.  Also includes an address on the Historical
              Method in Ethics given before the Philosophical Club by Prof. Dewey, December 4, 1901.

Item 26:  Notes on the Logic of Ethics by Prof. John Dewey, October 2 - December 17, 1901.

Item 27:  Notes on Social Psychology by Prof. Mead, June 21 - August 31, 1910.  Also includes notes on
              Educational Psychology, August 16-26, 1910.

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