Series 1, sub-series 2: The Disarming of Canada: Working Papers and Other Material.  -- 1977-1989; predominant 1983-1989 -- 20 cm. of textual material

Scope and Content: This sub-series contains material related to the book which John Hasek wrote in 1987, entitled The Disarming of Canada. Included are a number of  full and partial manuscripts assumed to be early drafts of the book.  Also included is public and personal feedback about the book, in the form of correspondence, articles and book reviews.  The majority of this feedback is post-publication critique, but there is also material from when Hasek was still in the process of writing his book.  There are also files containing  financial, legal and editorial documents, as well promotional material for the book


Title: Title is based on contents of the sub-series.

Series 1, sub-series 2: File Listings.


1. Manuscripts for The Disarming of Canada. -- n.d.  OVERSIZE
a) White Binder.
 This is a large manuscript, sub-divided by tabs, and partially annotated.


b) Large, Bound Manuscript.
Another large manuscript, this is bound and divided into parts and chapters.
c) Odd Chapters
Contains various different chapters of the manuscript, both bound and loose.
d) Part 111-1 - 111-8
This small portion of the manuscript is heavily annotated.
*It is difficult to directly correlate these manuscripts with the published version of the Disarming of Canada, but the assumption is that they are preliminary versions.

2.  Feedback. -- 1977-1990; primarily 1987-1990
a)  Book Reviews/ Articles -- 1987-1988
b)  Correspondence -- 1977-1990

3. Financial/Legal/Editorial Material -- 1983-1989
a) Correspondence -- 1983-1989
This is mainly legal correspondence from McClelland and Stewart Limited or Key Porter Books. Also included, and of particular interest, is a series of legal letters concerning a television broadcast called People Will Talk, on which John Hasek appeared to discuss The Disarming  of Canada on Nov. 17, 1987.  During the interview, Laurier Lapierre made comments about Hasek and his book which Hasek objected to, and consequently sought legal action against Lapierre.
b) Editorial Commentary -- 1984-1987
This sub-file contains material which appears to be formal editorial commentary on the book before it was published.
The majority of this material appears to be from a man named Rich Archbold.
c) Miscellaneous -- 1983-1984
This sub-file includes invoices, addresses, grant application material, and  legal agreements between John Hasek and both Key Porter Books and McClelland and Stewart Limited.

4.  Promotion. -- 1987-1989.
This file contains advertisements, as well as media schedules for The Disarming of Canada.  Two items in the file advertise both Haseks book, and his film, The Seductive Illusion, at the same time.

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