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      Gilmore and Rankin Esquires

                            We the inhabitants
of Negwack beg leave humbly to return our
Sincere thanks and gratitude for you kin-
dness and generosity in bestowing on a Bell
for our church..  It is indeed a token of your
charitable and amiable desposition.. and as
often as its toll Shall Summon us to unite
in prayer to the Lord; so often will we be
reminded of your benefience to us and our
posterity; and will cause us (if we are not
too obdurate) to Send.. up our Sighs to
Heaven for your Speritual and temporal
welfare; Nay worthy Gentlemen; if oure
interest (poor as it may be) could ever be
of any Service to you it Shall be Entire
and inviolably yours
Unacquainted as we are with either Spea-
_king or writing Much the English lang-
_uage we beg you will Excuse the contracted
way in which we give utterance to
the feelings of harts truly devoted to you

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Again do we return you our hartfelt thanks;
and beg to Subscribe our respective Names in
testimony hereof

                                Negwack    August the 25 1838

Louis Robichaux

Louis Allain                                    Nicolas [Tutys]

[frederik] Robichaux                        Simon Savoy

Pierr Allaien                                   Hur[bien] Martien

Michle Allin                                    Bonavanture [Savy]

John  mcSavoy                               Bruno [poivvier]

John Batist Martin                           Thomas Whit

Michl Carroll                                   Charle [Broue]

[Edmd] Tyler                                  Michell Savoy

Thos Le Marquande                        William Martin

Frederic Savoy                               Amatour Brou

Olivier Broue                                  G[ar]min [Broue]
[Edou]ard White                             Michell Thibodo

Olivier Robichaux

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          No 50
Inhabitants of Negwack
     25 Aug 1838
          for Bell

Gilmor & Rankin Esquires



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