Series 5. Photographs. -- 5 photographs: b&w; 29 cm. X 23 cm. and smaller.

Scope and Content: This series consists of photographs of Louis Arthur Cunningham. Two may have been used for publicity purposes. Two others appear to have been taken during a visit with friends.

BOX 21
File 1. Louis Arthur Cunningham at his writing desk. 1 photograph: b&w; 23 cm. X 29 cm.

File 2. Louis Arthur Cunningham with an unidentified man, woman and two small boys. (This may be the family of Archibald Newman).1 photograph; b&w; mounted between two pieces of glass taped together; 20 cm. X 24 cm.

File 3. Louis Arthur Cunningham, seated with his pipe in his hand. Probably taken the same time as no. 2 above. 1 photograph: b&w; mounted between two pieces of glass taped together; 24 cm. X 20 cm.

File 4. Head and shoulders portrait of Louis Arthur Cunningham. Autographed. With a biographical clipping attached. 1 photograph: b&w; 20 cm. X 15 cm.

File 5. Graduation Class. St. Joseph's University, 1922. Composite photograph. Rolled.

Title: based on content of series.

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