Series 2. Subseries 2. Short stories

BOX 17
File 16. A-B
An Actress in Action.
The Admiral Fleurette.
Afraid of His Son.
Always a Pal.
At the Club Mo'real.
Atlas & Co.
The Barrier.
Baskets of Beauty.
Be My Love Always.
Bingo. Two copies.
Blood Money. Incomplete.
The Blue Fox.
Bred in the Purple.
Brook Song.
The Build-Up.
The Butler.

File 17. C
Captain Courageous.
Carillon. Two copies.
Castle of the Borgias.
Code of the Northland.
Come to Me by Moonlight.
Corner of Eden.
Cottage for Sale.
The Country of the Young.
Crash and Carry.
Crossing the Bar.
Cupid Incorporated.

BOX 18
File 18. D-E
Dark Pursuit.
A Day to Remember. Translated as "Tryllehatten" in Danish magazine.
A Doll's Christmas.
The Drums of Attila.
Early Crocus.
End of the Rainbow.
End of the Voyage.
The Experiment.

File 19. F
Fall of David.
The Far Travelers.
Father Ahab.
A Few Minutes to Go.
Fiddle Fingers.
The Fighting Strain.
The First Noel.
Fit for a Bride.
The Flower-Hunter.
Flower Piece.
For Love of Ruth.
For Stella.
The Forgotten Face.
The Fruit Turns to Ashes.

File 20. G
Ghosts Don't Talk.
Gift Horse.
Girls Must Stick Together.
Glenora's Gone Away.
A Gong from Friar Puck.
Goose Egg.
Green Button.

File 21. H-I
Hast Seen the White Whale?
The Hermit of Dark Harbour.
Honest John.
Honorable Hum.
Hope Chest.
An Hour to Live.
Is That You Lora Lee?
It's Always the Butler.

File 22. J-K
Joy to the World.
Just Say Good-bye.
Just Sign Here.
The Kind Deception.
The Kings of Yvetot.
A Kiss for Christmas.
Kiss Me Not Lightly.

File 23. L
The Lady Nimrod.
Leave an Open Door.
A Letter from Lisette.
Like Some Far Star.
The Little Duchess.
Little Miss Christmas. Three copies: two by Louis Arthur Cunningham, one by "Merlyn Swift".
Lo, Amid the Winter Snow.
Local Boy Makes Good.
Long Live the Onion.
Love Letters from Cecil.
The Love Lie.
Love Story.
Low Moans the Moose.

File 24. M-N
Madonna of the Maples.
The Man in My Life. Two copies.
A Man of Letters.
The Man Without Kindred.
The Matchmakers.
Miss Greenfingers. Two copies.
A Moment of Bliss. Two copies.
Money for Love.
Mr. Wilson Comes to Boston.
Mrs. Bryson's Book.
Norman Summer.
Not Convincing.

File 25. O-P
An Old Wives' Tale.
Oliver Aiton's Home Again.
Once Upon a Time.
One Who Remembered.
Park Bench Assignment.
Peel Street Nocturne.
Peter Caution.
Peter the Grouch. "by Merlyn Miller".
The Phantom of Fundy.
Pin Money.
A Present from Pietro.
A Prince from Vienna.
The Promise.
The Proper Ending

File 26. Q-R
The Question for Today.
Re-Union in Quebec.
The Red-Headed Girl.
Revengeful Discord.

File 27. S
Sea Water Gurney's Boy.
The Secret.
Le serment aux etoiles.
The Shining Towers.
A Shoulder to Cry on. Retitled from manuscript "Beneath the Lamplight in the Rain".
The Silent Call.
The Skeleton in the Tallboy.
Something in Highboys.
Something of Splendor.
Sox for Mr. Levin. Two copies.
Splendid Little Fool.
The Strange Madonna.
Swan Song in Satin.

File 28. T-U
The Terrible Secret of M. Laroche.
They Always Come Back.
They Have Ears.
They Told Me She Was Dead.
A Thing of Beauty.
Thirst. Two copies.
This to Remind Me. Retitled from manuscript "Corky".
'Tis Sweet to Be Remembered
Tomaso the Wise.
Toy Boats.
The Trojan Lamb.
Under Tuscan Skies.
The Unforgotten Hour.
Unto Us a Child is Born.
Upon the Midnight Clear.

File 29. V-Y
The Voice of an Angel.
The Waiting Heart.
The Way of the Strong.
The Way Out.
Who Loves Susan?
Will You No' Come Back Again.
Winter of the Big Snow.
Wisdom's Treasure. "by Merlyn Swift".
The Young May Moon.

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