Series 2. Subseries 1. Novels

BOX 17
File 1. At the Sign of the Falcon
File 2. Flame Over Fundy
File 3. Fog Over Fundy. Serialized novel, missing final installment.
File 4. The Forest Gate. Two different copies.
File 5. I Stand Condemned.
File 6. Lady Be Gallant.
File 7. Light Was Her Laughter. Retitled Marionette.
File 8. The Mad Harper
File 9. The Marquis of Medicine Hat. Two different copies.
File 10. Now Lost is the Lily
File 11. The Princess of Gratzen.
File 12. The Sign of the Burning Ship.
File 13. Tides of the Tantramar (Chap. 5)
File 14. Under False Colours
File 15. A Woman Like the Sun.

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