MS.2  Scholarly Writings:

MS.2.1         Manuscripts by Keirstead (in chronological order):

   2.1.1       Cash and Credit in Chicago.
   2.1.2       Essentials of Price Theory.
   2.1.3       The Economic Effects of the War on the Maritime Provinces. (6 drafts)
   2.1.4       Essay on the Theory of Profit and Income Distribution. (6 drafts)
   2.1.5       Theory of Economic Change. (3 drafts)
   2.1.6       Canada in World Affairs. (2 drafts)
   2.1.7       Capital, Interest and Profit. (6 drafts)
   2.1.8       The Social Decision. (early, 2 drafts)
   2.1.9       The Social Decision. (later, 7 drafts)
   2.1.10      Economic Policy and Democratic Process.


   2.1.11      Prefaces
   2.1.12      letters and comments re: The Canadian Economy. ed. Levitt, Keirstead, Will, Nowlan.
   2.1.13      Chapter II, State Equilibrium.
   2.1.14      The Profit of the Firm.
   2.1.15      Chapter IV, Defence.
   2.1.16      Chapter III, Interest.
   2.1.17      Chapter II, Rent and Differential Surpluses.
   2.1.18      Book V, Economic Dynamics.

MS.2.2 Articles (including offprints), Reports, Speeches, Memos by Keirstead:

   2.2.1       Aggregate Wages and the Canadian National Income.
   2.2.2       The Business Enterpriser. (3 drafts)
   2.2.3       The Business Man: Fiction and Fact.
   2.2.4       Book Review: Canadian Annual Review for 1963.
   2.2.5       The Canadian Atlantic Region. (3 drafts)
   2.2.6       A Canadian View of American Foreign Policy.
   2.2.7       The Changing Balance of Political Forces in the Pacific and the Possibilities of Peaceful Adjustment.
   2.2.8       The Cold War: A Review Article.
   2.2.9       The Condition of Multilateral Trade.
   2.2.10      Concentration of Industry Study.
   2.2.11      Constitutional Crisis in Canada. (2 drafts)
   2.2.12      The Cost of Living.
   2.2.13      Decentralisation of Industry.
   2.2.14      A Dynamic Theory of Rent.
   2.2.15      Early History.
   2.2.16      Economic Development: the Moral Issue.
   2.2.17      The Economics of Freight Rate Making in a Subsidized Service. (3 drafts)
   2.2.18      Economic Issue of the Dominion Provincial Conference.
   2.2.19      Economic Memorandum #2: The Role of Monopoly in Canadian Economic Development.
   2.2.20      Economic Policy and Economic Development.
   2.2.21      Economic Theory: Principles and Problems.
   2.2.22      The Economics of the Danubian Countries.
   2.2.23      The Economics of Peace.
   2.2.24      The Economics of Under-Developed Countries: Some Comments.
   2.2.25      The Effects of the War on the Concept of National Interest.
   2.2.26      Employment and Wages in the Lithographic Industry in the Province of Quebec.
   2.2.27      Entrepreneurial Motives and the Distribution of Profits.
   2.2.28      Essay in the Theory of Production.
   2.2.29      Extracts From B. Keirsteads Brief for the Brewing Industry.
   2.2.30      Fair Competition: The Law and Economics of Anti-trust Policy. (Book Review)
   2.2.31      History of Theory.
   2.2.32      Industries Classified by Gross Value of Production 1939.
   2.2.33      Interest, Profit and Accumulation.
   2.2.34      The Issue of Union Security.
   2.2.35      Inter-Territorial Freight Rates and the Federal Shipping Service. (with Kari Levitt)
   2.2.36      An Introduction to the Theory of the Modern Economy.
   2.2.37      John Davidson.
   2.2.38      Labour Arbitration Under the Quebec Trade Dispute Act.
   2.2.39      Liberty and a Planned Economy.
   2.2.40      Les Blocages des la Croissance et les Blocages de Development. (2 drafts)
   2.2.41      Meaning, Significance, and Relevance of the Concept of Industrial Concentration.
   2.2.42      Memo and Aide Memoir on a Conversation Between R. Strachan and B.S. Keirstead.
   2.2.43      Memo on Introduction to Modern Economic Theory.
   2.2.44      Memorandum Re. an Institute of Government Studies.
   2.2.45      Confidential Memorandum on Policy With Respect to Monopolies. (2 drafts)
   2.2.46      Memorandum on Monopoly Policy.
   2.2.47      Memorandum on the Position of the Atlantic Provinces in the Event of the Dissolution of Federal Union.
   2.2.48      Memorandum on Canadian Statistics For the Guidance of Financial and Monetary Policy.
   2.2.49      A Memorandum on Monetary Reconstruction.
   2.2.50      Memorandum on the Vacancy in Political Science.
   2.2.51      Memorandum from Mr. Keirstead to Mr. MacIntosh.
   2.2.53      Memorandum on the Projected Study on Inter-Cultural Relations in Canada.
   2.2.54      Memorandum for the Royal Commission on Arts, Letters and Science.  (2 drafts)
   2.2.55      Memorandum to the Royal Commission on Price. (2 drafts)
   2.2.56      The Menace of Communism.
   2.2.57      Minute Book: Special Sub-Committee on Interrupted Education of Ex-Servicemen.
   2.2.58      Natural Monopolies.
   2.2.59      The Nature of the Problem.
   2.2.60      New Brunswick Legislation (1936).
   2.2.61      A Note on Equilibrium in Process.
   2.2.62      A Note on Professor Shackles Decision, Order and Time.
   2.2.63      The Organisation of the Canadian Wartime Economy.
   2.2.64      A Paper Setting Forth the Theoretical Framework Within Which Any Problem of the Incidence of an Increase in Freight Rates Could be Considered.
   2.2.65      Paul Hagon: Les Doctrines Economiques, Edition Fides, Montreal.
   2.2.66      Peaceful Change: Experience of Canadian Confederation. (2 drafts)
   2.2.67      The Political Economy of Federation.
   2.2.68      Process Elasticity of Demand.
   2.2.69      Professor Lachmans Theory of Interest.
   2.2.70      Professor Shackle on Time in Economics.
   2.2.71      Profit. (3 drafts)
   2.2.72      Profit: Function and Significance in Economic Growth. (2 drafts)
   2.2.73      The Relative Strengths of the Two European Powers. (2 drafts)
   2.2.74      Report on Belize Disaster.
   2.2.75      Review for Social and Economic Studies.
   2.2.76      A Review of Economic Doctrines.
   2.2.77      The Royal Commission on Bi-Culturalism (a brief) (2 drafts)
   2.2.78      La Science Politique Au Canada.
   2.2.79      The Sirois Report.
   2.2.80      Some Comments on Innovations: Some Definitions and General Observations.
   2.2.81      Some Comments on the Teaching of the Social Sciences in the English Universities.
   2.2.82      The State and Economic Life. (with comments by daughter Pam)
   2.2.83      Statutory Grain Rates and the Canadian Economy.
   2.2.84      The Structure and Accumulation of Capitol.
   2.2.85      A Submission to the Special Commission of the U.S.W. (CLC) on the Provincial Labour Legislation.
   2.2.86      The Supply of Capitol.
   2.2.87      The Supply of Wheat From the Prairie Provinces.
   2.2.88      Technical Advance and Economic Equilibria.
   2.2.89      The Theory of Economic Change: A Book Review.
   2.2.90      Third Memorandum on the Cost of Living.
   2.2.91      On Theories of Economic Growth.
   2.2.92      Traditionalism in Economic Theory. (4 drafts)
   2.2.93      Mr. Snyder on Capital Supply and National Well-Being: A Rejoinder.
   2.2.94      Unemployment.
   2.2.95      The Unification of the Antilles.
   2.2.96      Waste Through Multiplicity of Governmental Units.
   2.2.97      Preliminary Notes and Correspondence for Article in International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences.
   2.2.98      Article and Correspondence for Encylopedia Britannica.


   2.2.99      The Condition of Survival Papers and Proceedings, American Economic Review. May 1950.
   2.2.100     Canadas Economic War Policy. Dalhousie University Bulletin on Public Affairs. 1941.
   2.2.101     Economic Issue of the Dominion Provincial Conference. Culture. 7(1946):16-21.
   2.2.102     New Brunswick Legislation (1936). Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science.  November 1936.
   2.2.103     Science and Our Economic Potential.
   2.2.104     Unrest in Asia and Africa. Anglican Outlook.


   2.2.105     begins page 4: In previous essays I have discussed ...
   2.2.106     Comments: Chapter I.
   2.2.107     Introduction.
   2.2.108     begins: The purpose of this paper ...

MS.2.3 Articles by Others:

   2.3.1       Asimakopoulos, A. Integration Effects of Government Revenue and   Expenditure Policies.
   2.3.2       The Association of the Teaching Staff. Memorandum on Salaries.
   2.3.3       Atrill, V.H. Explorations in Natural Economic Science.
   2.3.4       Ball, George W. The Elements in Our Congo Policy.
   2.3.5       Barzon, J. et. al.  The Association of Graduate Schools Report of the Committee on Policies in Graduate Education:
                 Doctors and Masters -- Good and Bad!
   2.3.6       Beckett, W.A.  Indicators of Cyclical Recessions and Revivals in Canada.
   2.3.7       Black, Dr.  C.P.R. Project A- Overall Canadian Economy Background.
   2.3.8       Bladon, V.W. Speech by V.W. Bladon to the Automotive parts Manufacturers Association (Canada) -- Annual Meeting at
                  Windsor Ontario. 20/10/66.
   2.3.9       Boulding, Kenneth E. Some Hopes and Fears for the Economic Future of the West Indies.
   2.3.10     Carncross, John, MacFarlane and Wood. An Inquiry into the Marketing and Pricing of Milk in the Province of Ontario With
                  a Proposal for Equalities and a Producer Pricing Plan.
   2.3.11      Cavell, Nik. Asia and the Free World.
   2.3.12      Child, A.J.E. The Multi-Product Firm.
   2.3.13      Chinitz, Benjamin. The Regional Dimension of National Economic Growth.
   2.3.14      Coyne, J.E. Credit and Capitol.
   2.3.15      ---. Inflation and Unemployment.
   2.3.16      ---. Living Within Our Means.
   2.3.17      ---. Money and Growth.
   2.3.18      ---. Sound Money For Sound Growth.
   2.3.19      Creighton, D.G. Harold Adams Innis.
   2.3.20      Dales, D.J. Variability in Federal Tax Collections.
   2.3.21      Dales, J.H. et. al. An Appraisal For the Graduate Program in Economics.
   2.3.22      ---. Confederation and Transportation.
   2.3.23      Daly, D.J. Variability in Federal Tax Collections.
   2.3.24      Dehem, Roger. The Economics of Stunted Growth.
   2.3.25      Eastman, H.C. Some Aspects of Tariff Protection in Canada.
   2.3.26      Eastman, Sheila. An Economic Analysis of the Goldenberg Report.
   2.3.27      Ferguson, George. Harold Innis and the Printed Word.
   2.3.28      Firestone, O.J. The Canadian Market -- A Continuing Challenge.
   2.3.29      ---. Canadas Long Term Economic Outlook.
   2.3.30      ---. Foreign Trade and Canadas Growing Economy.
   2.3.31      ---. Our Growing Canada.
   2.3.32      ---. The State of the Economy and Business Planning.
   2.3.33      Francis, J.P. and F.W. Burton. Growth and Education.
   2.3.34      ---. The Unemployment Problem.
   2.3.35      Goldberg, S.A. and F.H. Leacy The National Accounts ...
   2.3.36      Grasberg, Eugene. Indonesias Investment Requirements.
   2.3.37      Higgins, Benjamin. Regional, International, and National Economic Development.
   2.3.38      ---. Regional Integration and National Economic Development.
   2.3.39      Howland. Some Regional Aspects of Canadas Economic Development.
   2.3.40      Hutchison, Bruce. Toward a Great Society.
   2.3.41      Irvine, Russ.  Austerity and the Canadian Economy.
   2.3.42      ---. Report on Seminars Dealing With Foreign Ownership and Control.
   2.3.43      ---. Study Paper on Foreign Ownership and Control. (3 parts)
   2.3.44      ---. Taxes and Growth.
   2.3.45      Johnson, Harry G. Employment Theory and Public Policy in the North American Context.
   2.3.46      ---. Book Review: Mr. Keynes and the Rate of  Interest.  Essays in Monetary Theory.
   2.3.47      ---. The New Tariff Policy for the Automotive Industry.
   2.3.48      Keeny, S.M. A Continent in Confusion or North America in Search of a Foreign Policy.
   2.3.49      Kenyon, N.L. The Capitol Theory of Eugene Bohm-Bawerk.
   2.3.50      Keyfitz, Nathan. Can People of Different Speech Work Together.
   2.3.51      ---.  The Lotka Population Model: Its Computation and Graduation.
   2.3.52      ---. Population Density and the Style of Social Life.
   2.3.53      ---. The Problem of National Development.
   2.3.54      Leontif, Wassily. The Input-Output Approach in Economic Analysis.
   2.3.55      Leroz, Vely. La Propension a Consommer au Canada, 1947-1960.
   2.3.56      Levine, A.L. Toward an Analysis of the Effectiveness of Economic Effort in a Group of New Brunswick manufacturing Industries.
   2.3.57      Levitt, Kari. Population Migration in the Atlantic Provinces.
   2.3.58      MacDonald, H.I. The Commonwealth, the Common Market, and Canada.
   2.3.59      ---. The Political Economy of the European Economic Community.
   2.3.60      ---. Problems for Canada in the World Economy.
   2.3.61      ---. What Every American Should Know About Canadian Commercial Policy.
   2.3.62      MacDuff. MacDuff Special Report: Canadian Politics, 1962.
   2.3.63      MacEachen. Allen J. Government Manpower and Employment Policy in Canada.
   2.3.64      MacFarlane, David L. Mr. Benson on Wheat. (radio broadcast for CBC)
   2.3.65      Marler, John de M. Tax Powers v. Spending Responsibilities.
   2.3.66      McLaughlin, W. Earle. An Address ...
   2.3.67      ---. Canada, the United States, and the Balance of Payments: A Different View.
   2.3.68      ---. Plan or No Plan -- or Un-Plan? Some Reflections on the Ground Rules.
   2.3.69      ---. Some Preliminary Thoughts on the Porter Report.
   2.3.70      Marsh, Donald B. Economic Planning For Canada.
   2.3.71      ---. The Effect of Canadas Economic Development Upon Her Trade With the United States.
   2.3.72      ---. The Expanding Canadian Economy.
   2.3.73      ---. General Economic Outlook.
   2.3.74      Muir, James. The Wind Bloweth Where it Listeth -- The New Fatalism in Canadian Economic Thought.
   2.3.75      Mundell, Robert A. Problems of Monetary and Exchange Rate Management in Canada.
   2.3.76      Neufeld, E.P. Canada Tackles its Deficit.
   2.3.77      Niebyl, Karl H. Some Suggestions Concerning the Theory of Foreign Trade and in Particular the Change in Function of International Capitol Movements.
   2.3.78      Ostrey, Barnard. A National Centre For Research in the Social Sciences.
   2.3.79      Ostrey, Sylvia. Wage Differentials in a Large Steelmaking Firm.
   2.3.80      Newman, Peter. Essay of the Theory of Value.
   2.3.81      Perroux, Francois. The Current French Policy of Financial Rehabilitation.
   2.3.82      ---. The Franc Area and Nations In the Making.
   2.3.83      ---. La Nation En Voie de se Faire, et les Realities Economiques.
   2.3.84      ---. La Politique Actuelle DAssainissement Financier en France du Rapport des Experts aux Realities Economiques
   2.3.85      ---. Remarque Sur les Blocages de la Croissance et les Blocages Du Development.
   2.3.86      ---. La Zone France et les Nations En Voie de se Faire.
   2.3.87      ---. Young Nations In the Making and Economic Realities.
   2.3.88      Rand, Christopher. Center of a New World.
   2.3.89      Raminsky, Louis. Translation of Remarks ... Before a Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, Quebec City, 21 May 1964.
   2.3.90      Reuben, G.L. European Trade Blocs and Canadas Export Trade.
   2.3.91      Robertson, D.H. Comments on Mr. Johnsons Comments on my Essay: Mr. Keynes and the Rate of Interest.
   2.3.92      Robinette, John J., Friedman and MacDougall.  Competition and Combines in Canada.
   2.3.93      Robinson, Joan. The Generalisation of the General Theory.
   2.3.94      ---. A Model of Accumulation.
   2.3.95      ---. The Rate of Interest.
   2.3.96      ---. Work in Progress.
   2.3.97      Rosenbleuth. Business Concentration and Price Policy.
   2.3.98      ---. Industrial Concentration in Canada and the United States.
   2.3.99      Rostein, Abraham. The Twentieth Century Prospect: Nationalism in a Technological Society.
   2.3.100     Scott, John H.M. The Liberal International in the U.S.
   2.3.101     Shepard, Sidney A. Foreign Exchange in Canada - Now.
   2.3.102     Smith, Arthur J.R. Whither Canadian-American Relations.
   2.3.103     Stinson, A. Multilogue Reaction Paper #1.
   2.3.104     Thomas, R.D. Local Government Financing in Jamaica, 1944-1959.
   2.3.105     Tyszynski, H. Effects of World Economic Development on the Nature of Trade in Manufactured Commodities.
   2.3.106     Weldon, J.C. Industrial Consolidations in Canada.
   2.3.107     Will, Robert. Fiscal Policy Time Lags.
   2.3.108     Wood, Norman W. The Management of Money.
   2.3.109     Woodfine, W.J. Church-State Relations in the Province of Quebec.
   2.3.110     Woodside, M. Memorandum on the Study of Costs in Canadian Universities.
   2.3.111     Young, J.H. Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Common Market.


   2.3.112     The Chartered Banks and the Foreign Exchange Market.
   2.3.113     Economic Growth.
   2.3.114     The Federal Government in the Economy.
   2.3.115     Introduction to: The Canadian Economy, Selected Readings.
   2.3.116     The Implementation of the Duff-Beardahl Report at the University of Toronto: A Brief.
   2.3.117     Lachman and the Structure of Capital.
   2.3.118     Memorandum.
   2.3.119     Organisation For Economic Co-operation.
   2.3.120     The Trucking Industry ...
   2.3.121     Young Nations in the Making and Economic Realities: With Special Reference to French African Countries.

MS.2.4 Conferences (Economic, Political, Historical, programmes  and papers):

   2.4.1 International Economic Association, third council meeting, Rome University, September 4-5, 1956. Including:

             a.    list of participants.
             b.    provisional list of delegates.
             c.    provisional agenda.
             d.    membership application (Polish Economic Association).
             e.    Managing Editors Report on International Economic Papers.
             f.    Capitol and Foreign Trade - Draft For Discussion.
             g.    report to the council.
             h.    Haberla, Gottfried. Monetary Factors Affecting Economic Stability.
             i.    Lunberg, Eric. International Stability and the National Economy.
             j.    Nakayama, Ichiro. Characteristics of the Japanese Economy and Capitol Accumulation.
             k.    Perroux, Francois. La Recherche de la Stabilite: Facteurs Reels.
             l.    ---. trans. The Quest for Stability: The Real Factors.
             m.    Robertson, Sir Dennis. Stability and Progress: The Richer Countries Problem.
             n.    Keirstead, B.S. Comment on Professor Robertsons Paper: Stability and Progress: The Richer Countries Problem.
             o.    Viner, Jacob. Stability and Progress: The Poorer Countries Problem.

   2.4.2  Canadian Welfare Council Annual Meeting and Conference. May 13, 14, 15 - 1957. containing conference programs,
             list of delegates, correspondence etc.

   2.4.3 Canadian Political Science Association. Thirty-Sixth Annual Meeting, Charlottetown, 1964. containing conference
            program and papers:
             a.    Levitt, Kari. Inter-Industry Study of the Economy of the Atlantic Provinces.
             b.    Wilmott, Donald E. A Level-of-Living Scale for the Prairies.

   2.4.4 Coloque Canada-Francais.containing the following conference papers:

             a.    Benard, Jean. Reseau Des Echanges Internationaux et Planification Ouverte.
             b.    Dessau, Jan.  Plan et Masse Salariale.
             c.    Leroux, Henri.  Des Comptes Economiques Aux Modeles.
             d.    Mercier, Rene. Presatation, A Partir Dun Modele Simple De Quelques Reflexions Sur LEquilbre Interregional.
             e.    Nataf, A. Essais De Fromalisation De la Planification.
             f.    Perroux, Français. Les Industries Motices et la Planification de la Croissance Dune Economie Nationale.

   2.4.5  Miscellaneous Programs:

             a.    The Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting. June 4-6, 1952.
             b.    Centenary of Laval Symposium: The Social Impact of Industrialisation on the Province of Quebec.  June 6, 7, 1952.
             c.    The Royal Society of Canada June Meeting.
             d.    The Canadian Political Science Association Twenty-fourth Annual Meeting. Quebec, 1952.
             e.    International Universities Conference. December 4-10, 1950. Report of the Canadian Delegation.

MS.2.5 Canadian Institute For International Affairs:

             a.    correspondence from Escott Reid.
             b.    I.P.R. Bibliographies.
             c.    The Canadian Institute of International Affairs Origins
             d.    Present Constitution.
             e.    Proposed New Constitution.
             f.    Exchange of Notes Between Canada and Japan Respecting the Customs Treatment of Imports. (December 26, 1935.)
             g.    Monograph Number 4, The National Income of Poland. July 1937.
             h.    Canada and the Doctrine of Peaceful Change.
             i.    Annual Meeting Papers. 01 March 1935.
             j.    Comments on the Report of a Study Group of the Winnipeg Branch on Canada and the Pacific. 1936.
             k.    The Changing Balance of Political Forces in the Pacific and the Possibilities of Peaceful Adjustment.
             l.    Possibilities of Peaceful Adjustment of International Disputes in the Pacific.
             m.    League of Nations: International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation. March 1937.
             n.    Reid, Escott. The Next Five Years.
             o.    ---. Memorandum on Measures Which Must be Taken to Make the League Effective.

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