The Burton Seely Keirstead fonds

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16 March 1990

Table of Contents MS.1 Correspondence - Please contact for information.
   1.1  Correspondence (business)
   1.2  Harold Innis
   1.3  G. Shackle
   1.4  Personal and Family
   1.5  Mrs. W.C. Keirstead (not itemised)
   1.6  Estate of Mrs. W.C. Keirstead

MS.2 Scholarly Writings
   2.1  Manuscripts by B.S. Keirstead
   2.2  Articles, Reports, Speeches, Memos and Offprints by B.S. Keirstead
   2.3  Articles, Reports and Speeches by Others
   2.4  Economic, Political, Historical Conferences (programmes and papers)
   2.5  Canadian Institute for International Affairs (reports and papers)

MS.3 Creative and Popular Works
   3.1  Manuscripts
   3.2  Articles and Stories
   3.3  Radio Scripts
   3.4  Poetry, Articles and Correspondence by M.S. Keirstead

MS.4 Lecture Notes
   4.1  University Lectures
   4.2  Public Lectures and Speeches
   4.3  Lectures, Notes and Essays by B.S. Keirstead as a Student
   4.4  Essays by B.S. Keirsteads Students
   4.5  Reports by B.S. Keirsteads Students
   4.6  Theses by B.S. Keirsteads Students
   4.7  Examinations given by B.S. Keirstead (not itemised)
   4.8  Student Examinations (not itemised)

MS.5 Arbitration Cases
   5.1 Canadian Merchant Guild and Keystone Transport Ltd.
   5.2 Canadian Breweries Ltd.
   5.3 Golden Manitou Mines Ltd. and ValD'or Mine and Mill Worker's Union.
   5.4 Le Syndicat National des Travailleurs de l'Elecronique et des Operateurs de Machine de Montreal vs.
          Federal Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
   5.5 United Local 531, United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America. (regarding layoffs.)

MS.6 Newfoundland Commission

MS.7 Material About B.S. Keirstead
   7.1 Curriculum Vitae and Testimonials.
   7.2 Bibliographies of Published Writings.
   7.3 Book Reviews.
   7.4 Photocopies of newspaper clippings.

MS.8 Miscellaneous

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