Bailey Family Collection - Poetry and Fiction


MS3.1.1                Family poetry book.  Poetry by Jacob Whitman
                       Bailey, Loring Woart Bailey and William
                       Whitman Bailey.
                       Original poetry and translations of German
                       poets by various Bailey family members.
                       1871.  (Full description in volume)
                       Prose diary of William Whitman Bailey's tour
                       New Brunswick, 1864 (18 pgs.) 					  

MS3.1.2                Poems transcribed from family poetry book.

MS3.1.3                Family poetry book.  Poetry by Jacob Whitman
                       Bailey, Loring Woart Bailey, William Whitman
                       Bailey and M.M. Scott.
                       Original poetry and translations of German
                       poets.  [1871]

MS3.1.4                Poems transcribed from poetry book #2.

MS3.2.1                Isaac Bailey.  A "Taber Bowene Poem"
                       delivered before the Philermenian Society of
                       Brown University on their Anniversary by
                       Isaac Bailey.  1812.

MS3.3.1-7              Jacob Whitman Bailey.  Transcripts of
                       original poems and translations of German
                       poems.  [1849]

MS3.4.1-10             William Whitman Bailey.  Original poetry and

MS3.5.1-3              Loring Woart Bailey, Jr.  Carbon, mimeograph
                       and manuscript pages of Loring Woart Bailey
                       Jr.'s novel, Mixed Society.  pp. 1 - 88.

MS3.6.1-4              Margaret Emerson Bailey.  Original poetry.

MS3.7.1-2              Eileen Fayrer.  Original poetry.

MS3.8.1-14             Poetry written by family and friends.

MS3.9.1.1-136          Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  Juvenilia.
                       Poems and prose by the poet as a young man.

MS3.9.2.1-135          Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  "Songs of the
                       Saguenay" and other poems.  Some prose

MS3.9.2.136-           Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  Poems from Ways
        167            Thither Thanks for a Drowned Island.
                       [Transcripts and originals].  [1973]

MS3.9.2.168-           Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  Publisher's copy
        170            of Thanks for a Drowned Island.  1973.

MS3.9.2.171            Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  Galley proofs
                       for Thanks for a Drowned Island.

MS3.9.2.172-           Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  Transcripts of
        179            Journey Without Words in various stages of
                       completion.  Included notes.  1979.

MS3.9.2.180            Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  Transcript of
                       Miramichi Lightning.  1981.

MS3.9.2.181            Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  Table of
                       Contents and new poems for (a proposed)
                       edition The Sun, The Wind, The Summer Held.

MS3.9.3.1-46           Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  Poems in
                       multiple manuscript and transcript versions

MS3.9.4.1-57           Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  Poems found
                       scattered; arranged alphabetically.

MS3.9.4.58-62          Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  Poetry readings.

MS3.9.4.63-66          Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  Musical settings
                       to poems.

MS3.9.5.1-31           Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  Poems collected

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