Bailey Family Collection - Inventory

Summary listings for :

                      MS1.  GENEALOGY

MS1.1.1-6              Family trees and Notes

MS1.2                  Branch Families

        MS1.2.1.1-15          d'Avray

        MS1.2.2.1-11          Bulkeley

        MS1.2.3.1-4           Gale

        MS1.2.4.1-6           Slaughter  

MS1.3                  Individuals

        MS1.3.1.1             Isaac Bailey (m. 1810)

        MS1.3.2.1-2           William B. Slaughter (1798-1879)

        MS1.3.3.1-9           Joseph Marshall d'Avray (1811-1871)

        MS1.3.4.1-5           Jacob Whitman Bailey (1811-1857)

        MS1.3.5.1-19          Loring Woart Bailey (1839-1925)

        MS1.3.6.1-7           Joseph Whitman Bailey (1865-1932)

        MS1.3.7.1-26          Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey (1905- )

        MS1.3.8.1-6           Drawings

        MS1.3.9.1             Family atlas

                       MS2.  CORRESPONDENCE AND FAMILY NOTES

MS2.1.1-81             Goldsworthy/Gale (1758-1960)

MS2.2.1-2              Draft of bound MS Bailey Letters

MS2.3.1-1648           Letters 1801-1987

MS2.4.1-74             Letters, Colin Mackay to Alfred G. Bailey -
                       Restricted - March 1995 transferred to UA RG
                       80, Case 111, File 1

                        MS3.  POETRY AND FICTION

MS3.1.1-4              Family poetry books (bound MSS) and   
                       transcripts [1838-1892]

MS3.2.1                Isaac Bailey  1812

MS3.3.1-7              Jacob Whitman Bailey  [1840s]

MS3.4.1-10             William Whitman Bailey [1843-1943]

MS3.5.1-3              Loring Woart Bailey, Jr., novel Mixed
                       Society [1868-1943]

MS3.6.1-4              Margaret Emerson Bailey  [b.1885]

MS3.7.1-2              Eileen Fayrer  1925

MS3.8.1-14             Other poetry by family and friends

MS3.9                  Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey

        MS3.9.1.1-136         Juvenilia

        MS3.9.2.1-181         Book transcripts for printer (as    

        MS3.9.3.1-46          Poems in multiple drafts:           
                              alphabetical by title or first line

        MS3.9.4.1-66          Poems, poetry readings, musical
                              settings to poems

        MS3.9.5.1-31          Poems collected by Alfred


MS4.1.1                Joseph Marshall d'Avray

MS4.2.1-8              Jacob Whitman Bailey:  manuscripts and     
                       reprints [1840s-1857]

MS4.3                  Loring Woart Bailey

        MS4.3.1.1-135         Lectures and other manuscripts

        MS4.3.2.1-44          Reprints (chronologically arranged) 

        MS4.3.3.1-16          Reprints presented to Loring W.     
                              Bailey (Chronologically arranged) 1881-1906

MS4.4.1-5              William Whitman Bailey:  reprints

MS4.5.1-7              Joseph Whitman Bailey:  reprints with      
                       manuscripts 1902-1930

MS4.6.1-2              George Whitman Bailey:  reprints 1898

MS4.7                  Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey

        MS4.7.1.1-101         Manuscripts and transcripts of
                              books, articles, and reviews.
                              Starting with Seven Autobiographical
                              Essays with checklist by Patricia Ruthven.
                              #37-44 not used. 

        MS4.7.2.1-14          Reprints (Chronological) 

        MS4.7.3.1-8           Addresses  [1946-1979]

        MS4.7.4.1-3           Interviews  [1970s]

        MS4.7.5.1-4           Research notes  [1930s-1943]

        MS4.7.6.1-88          Lecture notes  [1930s-1940s]

        MS4.7.7.1-43          Reviews and articles about Alfred
                              G. Bailey (alphabetically by author)

        MS4.7.8.1-43          Reprints and photocopies collected
                              by Alfred G. Bailey (alphabetically
                              by author)

        MS4.7.9.1-4           Notes and examinations as a student 

        MS4.7.10.1-2          Boy Scout booklets  1916

        MS4.7.11.1-7          Diplomas  1927-1979

        MS4.7.12.1-           Notes on collection by Frances Firth,
                              Linda Hill, Karen Skinner

                       MS5.  BOUND MANUSCRIPTS

MS5.1.1-6              Genealogy  [1857-1934]

MS5.2.1-2              Letters

MS5.3.1-16             Diaries (also calling cards and dance      
                       programs) 1848-1928

MS5.4.1-30             Scholarly writings and travel 

MS5.5.1-9              Scrapbooks (contains clippings,
                       invitations and reviews) [1844-?]

                       MS6.  PAMPHLETS AND CLIPPINGS

MS6.1                  Clippings [1850 - 1984] (8 Files)

MS6.2                  Pamphlets [1864 - 1982]


MS7.1.1-137            Jacob Whitman Bailey, algae specimens 

MS7.2.1-2              Stamp album and loose stamps (prepare separate

MS7.3.1-?              Mementoes (steel stereotype plate, copper  
                       engraving plate, letter seals, pen set,    
                       china, boy scout shirt, two academic hoods, 
                       Order of Confederation medal, sword).

***Items removed from the collection (prepare lists)***

1. Photographs-not itemized as of March 31, 1995
2. Published books-transferred to Archives Book Collection
3. Microfilms-see following page
4. Tape recordings-not itemized as of March 31, 1995

Microfilm in can - White on black

Napoli-Bibliotech Nationale 3.VI.197 
        Microfilm:  Bibl. Univ. Napoli H CXL28

Picture of a volume

Osservazioni sopra il vajuolo vaccino
        di Giuseppe H. Marshall M.D.
        Palermo Nella Reale Stamperia 1801

                       [Royal Press]
        dedicated to King       May 12, 1801
        45 pp.

ends with contrast of pox vajuolo naturale vajuolo cow vaccino
based on "experiences/experiments done in various places
         "exsperienze tatte in varj luoghi,
and times and places, and on persons on every sex and of every age
and condition."
e tempe, e sopra persone di ogni sesso, e di ogni et , e
"there is not the least danger"  "no vi   il nenomo penculo"  p.45

2 letters from Marshall to Jenner, pp. 18-25
April 26, 1799 pp.18-21 and continuation, pp.21-25.

(Other copy is identical but black on white)
                                                            July 1, 1808.

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