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Letter from Edward Winslow Sr. to Edward Winslow, 20 June 1783
Author:Winslow, Edward
Subjects:Bowery Edward Winslow I at 1783/6/20 Coffin, John I re his residence near Edward Winslow I in New York 1783
Daphne [A black servant] apparently missed by the Winslow family I
Hester Apparently a Blacks servant: missed by the Winslow family
Horsfield, Captain [ ] escorts Edward Winslow's mother [to New York]
Horsfield, Mrs. [ ] Wife of Captain [ ] Horsfield
King's American Dragoons
Loyalists violence against at New York 1783/6/-
Ludlow, Colonel Gabriel G. expected to sail for England 1783/6/20
Ludlow, Judge George Duncan sailed New York for England 1783/6/19
Phillips, Captain Fred I delivered a chaise
Prince, Dr. John Of Halifax p. 1
Rebels abuse Loyalists remaining at New York
Robinson, Governer [ ] Re his New York residence
Robinson, Lieutenant-Colonel Beverley as of 1783/6/20: expected to sail New York to Britain
Winslow family: of Edward I Description of at New York
[St. John] Edward Winslow at
Source:Vol. 2-97
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