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Letter from Benjamin Marston to Ward Chipman, 21 March 1789

Author:Marston, Benjamin
Subjects:Commissioners I reject Benjamin Marston's claim p. 1
George III his illness and recovery pp. 5-8
Hadley, [ ] His quadrant: Benjamin Marston improves upon p. 2
Holmes, Mulberry Benjamin Marston's friend: bears him Edward Winslow letter to London p. 5
Inventions Benjamin Marston's improved quadrant p. 2
Jews pray for George III p. 7
Leonard, George I [Senior] [he] re Benjamin Marston p. 3
Loring, Joshua receives Edward Winslow's memorial pp. 3-4
Marston, Benjamin his many disappointments in England
Marston, Benjamin in London: only a pittance from Loyalist claims p. 1
Marston, Benjamin invents improved quadrant p. 2
Penny post In England 1789 p. 4
Postal services in Britain: the penny post p. 4
Quakers in London 1789: refuse to celebrate George III's return to [mental] health p. 7
Regency Prospect of one has haunted England 1789 p. 6
Seeds from London 1789: Benjamin Marston sends peaches. plums, and pear stones to Ward Chipman p. 8
Source:Vol. 7-7
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