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Letter from Ward Chipman to Edward Winslow, 3 March 1789

Author:Chipman, Ward
Subjects:Anderson, [ ] Known to Ward Chipman and Edward Winslow: part of his farm for sale p. 2
Bullen, Samuel [apparently he] at St. John: friend of Ward Chipman and known to Edward Winslow p. 2
Clopper, Murray Acquaintance of Ward Chipman and Edward Winslow p. 1
Doyley and Company, Miss Entertain at St. John p. 1
Entertainments at St. John: theatre mentioned and Miss Doyley [sic] & Company 1789/3/2 p. 1
Flour imported to New Brunswick
Imports Quebec wheat versus United States flour 1789 pp. 1-2
Imports flour from the United States to New Brunswick
Murray, Major Daniel [continued] attends theatrical performance at St. John 1789
Odell, Major Jonathan re importation of U.S. flour
Proclamations mentioned: early 1789: apparently re importation of U.S. flour
Sands, Edward p. 1
St. John theatrical performance at p. 1
Theatre Mentioned and Miss Doyles [sic] and Co. at St. John 1789/3/2 p. 1
Winslow, Penelope I p. 1
Source:Vol. 7-4
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