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Letter from Lord Dorchester to Thomas Carleton, 3 January 1787

Author:Lord Dorchester
Subjects:Acadians to be compensated for land seized in New Brunswick p. 4
Boundary question New Brunswick's with Canada and the United States p. 4
Canadians Those settling west of hills apparently near Grand Falls will be classed as pp. 4-5
Carleton, Thomas instructions to re New Brunswick affairs
Carleton, Thomas styled "Lieutenant-Governor" in letter from Lord Dorchester p. 1
Crime slaying of an Indian [Pierre Bonwah] and justice ensuing p. 3
Dorchester, Lord New Brunswick's defence and justice for Indians
Gordon, Hugh Mackay Boundary question and St. Andrews settlers
Grand Falls Apparently refers to re New Brunswick boundary p. 4
Indian sense of justice
Indians pose threat to St. John River settlers p. 1
Indians to receive justice and compensation for lost lands
Indians presents for p. 2
Justice to Indians
Land compensations for that taken from Acadians and Indians
Militia, New Brunswick Lord Dorchester to inspect p. 1
Nelson, David ref. to his having been hanged for murder of Indian P. Bonwah p. 3
New Brunswick its boundary with Canada: Grand Falls apparently a part of p. 4
New Brunswick justification for its creation p. 2
New Brunswick to be militarily secure p. 1
New Brunswicker One settling east of hills [near Grand Falls] will be so classed as of 1787/1/3 p. 5
New England Province Ref. to by Ld Dorchester p. 4
Quebec Ld Dorchester at, as of 1787/1/3
Settlers Indians a threat to p. 1
Source:Vol. 6-1
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