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Letter from Mather Byles to Edward Winslow, [January] 1787

Author:Byles, Mather
Subjects:Cook, Reverend Samuel D.D. p. 2
Creighton, Betsy Maiden name of a Mrs. Mawhood, deceased p. 1
Duncan, [ ] To wed a Miss Haliburton [at Halifax] p. 1
Haliburton, Miss [ ] To wed [ ] Duncan [at Halifax] p. 1
Mary Probably Winslow, Mary II p. 1
McCall, [ ] Known to Mather Byles: said likely to dun him "to death" p. 1
Miller, Sally [she] concerned about a marriage at Boston p. 1
Rashleigh, [ ] His vessel of that name
Weather, climate winter of 1787: very cold p. 1
Winslow, Mary II spends [school] holiday with Ward Chipman's family, probably Xmas 1786 p. 1
[Mawhood], Mrs. [ ] Nee Betsy Creighton: known to Mather Byles and Edward Winslow: lately deceased p. 1
Source:Vol. 6-4
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