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Statement on the settlement at Yarmouth, 1785

Author:[Byles, Mather]
Subjects:Acadians Settled Chebouge early
Birch near Yarmouth: black birch plentiful p. 1
Byles, Mather [author of] report on Yarmouth
Chebogue In Yarmouth County: "Jebouge" Acadians were originally settlers: a better settlement than Yarmouth pp. 1-2
Goldsbury, Captain Samuel re report on Yarmouth: cover of
Grants of Land size of at Yarmouth
Jebouge Chebogue
Nova Scotia description of Yarmouth area
Old Comers at Yarmouth: houses said skin to wigwams, people dirty and mean-living
Salt hay from 2, 300 acres of salt marsh near Yarmouth
Settlers at Yarmouth: said dirty and slovenly
Yarmouth Its topography, resources, and settlement
Yarmouth its settlers: said low-class and poor
Source:Vol. 5-4
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