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Report on the settlement at Liverpool, 1785

Subjects:Farm Animals number of cattle raised at Liverpool, La
Have, etc. Fishery cod, salmon, herring, and mackerel at Liverpool, Port Mouton, etc.
Hebron Produce and resources of
LaHave products and resources of and two saw-mills at
Liverpool report on its resources and produce
New Dublin Appar. an early name for LaHave
Nova Scotia resources of Liverpool, LeHave, Port Mouton, etc.
Pine resources of Liverpool, LaHave, etc.
Port Matoon Port Mouton
Port Mouton its products and resources
Prices of Nova Scotia fish 1785
Ragged Islands products and resources of
Sable River Its stands of merchantable oak and pine
Savel River Prob. Sable River
Saw-mills at LaHave: two, at Liverpool: seven
Shipbuilding seven at Liverpool 1785 and tonnage built at LaHave, etc.
Surveys, reports, and statistics resources of Liverpool, Guysborough, LaHave, etc.
Timber Liverpool, LaHave, etc., resources
Source:Vol. 5-3
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