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Letter from Hugh Mackay Gordon to Edward Winslow, 20 November 1785

Author:Gordon, Hugh Mackay
Subjects:Arnold, General Benedict arrives at Halifax 1785/11/19 p. 3
Aucpaque Maliseet village a short distance up river from Fredericton, approximate site of Edward Winslow property: as "Oak Point" p. 3
Campbell, Major James p. 2
Coffin, William to England: probably seeking an appointment p. 3
Commissioners I [ ] McKenzie in London, friend of Hugh Mackay Gordon, is a member of, as are Colonel Thomas Dundas and Jeremiah Pemberton, who arrive 1785/11/- to examine claims in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Dundas, Colonel Thomas With J. Pemberton: a visiting Commissioner of Loyalist Claims: both friends of Hugh Mackay Gordon
Family Compacts re Loyalist claims p. 2
Gordon, Hugh Mackay friend of Thomas Dundas and J. Pemberton p. 2
Gordon, Hugh Mackay Paymaster appointment p. 1
Hake, Samuel Hugh MacKay Gordon thinks a suitable companion for General B. Arnold p. 2
Halifax General B. Arnold arrives at November 1785 p. 3
Lord Middleton carries General B. Arnold to Halifax p. 3
McKenzie, [ ] Of London: a Commissioner of Claims and friend of Hugh Mackay Gordon p. 1
Moody, Thomas George Townsend recommends for appointment p. 3
Oak Point p. 3
Pemberton, Jeremiah A Commissioner of Claims, together with Colonel Thomas Dundas q. v.
Proclamations announce arrival of the Commissioners of Claims p. 1
Roads in Nova Scotia: in bad condition p. 2
Taylor, Kitty wishes Hugh Mackay Gordon remember her to Edward Winslow p. 2
Townsend, Gregory "Townshend" recommends T. Moody, not W. Coffin, for an appointment p. 3
Whitelock, Henry his death p. 1
Source:Vol. 4-139
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