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Letter from John Wentworth to Edward Winslow, 7 December 1784

Author:Wentworth, John
Subjects:Balfour, [ ] Friend of Sir John Wentworth, H. Hailes, W. Lambton
Cape Breton [ ] DesBarres to
Davidson, John [The Lieutenant and Prince William resident] recommended by Sir John Wentworth to Thomas Carleton as Deputy Surveyor of King's Woods
Desbarres, [Joseph F.] D.C.B. DesBarres to Cape Breton
Fanning, Colonel Edmund H. accused of opposing government
Felicity A vessel, Captain [ ] Bentinck, taking J. Desbarres to Cape Breton 1784
Hailes, Harris William Sir John Wentworth's friend
Hazen, William Senior friend of Sir John Wentworth
Hazen, William Senior friend of Sir John Wentworth
Lambton, Lieutenant William friend of Sir John Wentworth
Magedavick Magaguadavic
Marston, Benjamin with Sir John Wentworth [and appointed Deputy Surveyor of New Brunswick]
Sproule, George delay in taking up duties p. 3
Wentworth, Sir John Benjamin Marston, Boundary question, etc.
Wentworth, Sir John accused of opposing Government
[Bentick] or [Bentinck], Captain Master of the Felicity
[Macdonagh], [ ] Writes to Sir John Wentworth re George Sproule p. 3
Source:Vol. 4-8
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