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Letter from Edward Winslow to John Wentworth, 27 November 1784

Author:Winslow, Edward
Subjects:Annapolis house-building apace and nine new sawmills at Broad Cove Near Granville, Nova Scotia: [ ] Thorne's remarkable new sawmill at
Carleton, Thomas is gazetted at St. John and tone of address to
Davids, [ ] Loyalist settler near Annapolis: known to Edward Winslow p. 2
Dikes In Nova Scotia: construction of p. 2
Entertainments In New Brunswick: public assemblies [balls], 1784/11/-
Exports of timber from Annapolis expected p. 2
Gazettes Of St. John: proclamation, etc., re Thomas Carleton p. 1
Gout Edward Winslow and Ward Chipman 1784/11/27
Houses built at a great rate in Annapolis area
James, [Benjamin] Near Annapolis: Loyalist settler, known to Edward Winslow
Magee, [ ] Apparently at Granville: known to Edward Winslow: cover of
McKown, [ ] [Variety of McEwen] Loyalist settler near Annapolis: known to Edward Winslow p. 2
New Brunswick re completion of its legislative body
New-Comers "The ... New-Comers have excited something that resembles emulation in the languished wretches who 'formerly' inhabited the country [Nova Scotia]. Shame has produced a degree of industry that never was discovered before"--Edward Winslow to Sir J. Wentworth 1784/11/27 at Granville p. 2
Old Comers In Old N. S.: their slovenly habits, chimney-less houses, and effect of New Comers
Proclamations of Thomas Carleton's appointment in New Brunswick
Saw-mills in Annapolis area: nine new ones 1784/11/-
St. Mary's Bay three new sawmills at
Taylor, [ ] [he] friend of Edward Winslow at Annapolis
Thorpe, [ ] Orig. of Long Is.: has remarkable saw-mill running 24 hrs. per day 1784/11/27 near Granville p. 1
Timber Annapolis area's resources
Wentworth, Lady Frances Edward Winslow compliments to
Wentworth, Sir John at Granville-Annapolis with Edward Winslow 1784/11/-
Willet, [ ] Loyalist settler in Annapolis-Granville area: known to Edward Winslow p. 2
Wright, Thomas II Physician or pharmacist, friend of Edward Winslow 1784, who intends to settle at Halifax: introduced to Sir J. Wentworth p. 3
[Thomas] notes: cover of
Source:Vol. 4-2
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