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Letter from Robert Hallowell to Edward Winslow, 9 May 1780

Author:Hallowell, Robert
Subjects:Commissioners I little or no help to distressed Refugees
Cowbridge p. 1
Dalrymple, Colonel [ ] Known to Edward Winslow and P. Hallowell: goes London to New York 1780 p. 3
Gout [William] Rhodes a victim of p. 2
Hallowell, Mrs. Robert p. 4
Hallowell, Robert Refugees' financial troubles
Hallowell, Robert apparently acts as [private] broker and money-lender 1780 pp. 1-3
Loyalists in Brit- ain 1780: apparently many in financial straits p. 2
Murray, Colonel John - Father of Major Daniel: at Cowbridge as of 1780/5/9 p. 1
Murray, Major Daniel to Ireland 1780/1/- for 3 mos., to Bristol with E. W. letter for R. Hallowell , then to Cowbridge to see father [Colonel John M.], back to Bristol, then to London p. 1
Parker, Robert In England c 1780: presents Edward Winslow's bill to Robert Hallowell p. 2
Refugees in England 1780
Rhodes, [ ] In England: an impoverished Refugee p. 2
Sheaffe, Thomas In England: an impoverished Refugee p. 1
Vassall, [Mrs.][ ] In London 1780: known to R. Hallowell and Edward Winslow: ill, but recovering p. 4
Source:Vol. 2-3
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