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Edward Winslow's Letter Books #11, 1784

Author:Winslow, Edward
Subjects:Addenbrook, Captain [ ] p.14
Books [for me] "The History of Nova Scotia": "When I came last to Granville I had a Book called 'The History of Nova Scotia'....It is the only one perhaps in the World, and I would not lose it...." - Edward Winslow 1784/10/13 p.9
Byles, Mather pp.15-16
Clements, [ ] At or near Annapolis 1784: needy and to receive help per Mrs. George Ludlow pp.16-17
Deblois, George sends tea to Mary Winslow p.5
Fanning, Colonel Edmund H. p.6
Fox, Brigadier-General Henry E. 1784/10/12: may be in Nova Scotia in the Spring p.8
Fox-Dog A fur great-coat 1784 [a trade-name or Edward Winslow's jest] p.14
Halifax its low-life citizenry 1784 pp.12-13
Hayman, Jack in care of Mary Winslow I at Granville p.19
James, Benjamin Edward Winslow's neighbour p.20
Little, Miss Mary and book "The History of Nova Scotia" p.9
Ludlow, Mrs. George Duncan [Frances] Asks Edward Winslow to arrange help for [ ] Clements p.16
Blacks [ ] Peters, at or near Annapolis p. 18
Nova Scotia "The History of Nova Scotia": pub. before 1784 p. 9
Peters, [ ] A Black, probably at or near Annapolis 1784: borrows from Edward Winslow p. 18
Point Pleasant II At Halifax: apparently the Lieutenant-Governer's mansion at or near 1784 p. 6
Pop Edward Winslow sends her a mirror p. 25
Prince of Orange coasting Nova Scotia 1784 p. 7
Proctor, John his duties p. 19
Provisions, supplies, etc. tea from Halifax for Mary Winslow at Granville p. 5
Reading, Catherine p. 26
Robinson, Lieutenant-Colonel Beverley acc't with E. W. p. 18
Sinclair, Captain [ ] Appar. at or near Annapolis 1784: account with E. W. p. 18
Thompson, Major[ ] p. 4
Thompson, Major[ ] and Edward Winslow, Mrs. George Ludlow, and help to [ ] Clements p. 17
Winslow, Mary I has many duties p. 18
Winslow, Mary I has many duties p. 19
Winslow, Murray a Winslow family favourite 1784 p. 22
Young, Captain Israel At or near Annapolis 1784: owes Edward Winslow a sum p. 18
[ ], John Proctor, John p.19
Source:Vol. 24-11
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