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Remarks made by the Agent for the United States on the supplemental argument of the Agent for his Britannic Majesty

Date:Dates Unknown
Subjects:Acadia French: it is distinct from Nova Scotia p. 18
Acadia includes area St. Croix to Penobscot p. 13
Adams, John Boundary Question Magaguadavic J. Sullivan's summary of United States case p.109 p. 97
Adams, John Boundary question p. 7
Adams, John re map of J. Mitchell Chipman, Ward re identity of St. Croix as Boundary p. 35
Adams, John re the Magaguadavic and the St. John Jay, John p. 37
Alexander, Sir William his lands and Nova Scotia boundary p. 28
Argall, Captain Sir Samuel [Also Argal] of Virginia 1613: captures French vessels at St. Croix and Port Royal Castine, Baron his daughter and her children: captured by Major [ ] Church 1704 p. 68
Armouchiquois Indian tribe: an ambassador to them from the Etchemins Crosses p. 75
Awawas, Captain Nicholas DeMonts, [ ] habitation: uncertainty of its location p. 76
Baptisms at Machian 1771: of children Chipman, Ward suggests Commissioners of 1770 were never at Passamaquoddy p. 11
Barble Hr. On H. Popple's map: east side of Penobscot estuary p.33 p. 32
Belmont, Earl of p. 26
Belmont, Earl of re a Lords of Trade letter to 1700 p. 33
Bernard, Governor Francis Commissioners VIII p. 17
Bernard, Governor Francis re St. Croix: suggestion that he was bribed Brown, James Evidence re the Boundary question 1770 and 1772 p. 77
Bernard, Governor Francis said "inscrutable" Mitchell, John I question of what river he surveyed p. 89
Blackmore, [ ] Apparently a fictitious Surveyor-General 1711: as a pretended authority Comage River is near Lepreau D'Anville, [ ] his map: refers p. 48
Boundary Question Magaguadavic and H. Popple's map p.34 p. 33
Boundary question British accept H. Popple's map Maps p. 34
Boundary question Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation 1794 p. 105
Boundary question re reliability of witnesses concerning p. 82
Boundary question re the south-north line dividing British and United States territory: New Brunswick's western boundary p.57 p. 54
Boundary, Charter Commissioners IX re Massachusetts boundary and the Boundary p. 55
Boundary, Charter that river mentioned in lands granted by [Royal] Charter and constituting the Boundary: especially the St. Croix p. 22
Bowen, Emanuel His map of the Passamaquoddy, etc. 1752 p. 102
Boyd, James Magaguadavic is the St. Croix p. 84
Boyd, James his testimony re Passamaquoddy area, "Champcook", etc.Chamcook "Champ- cook" a stream near St. Andrews Point p. 49
Brewer's [Probably of the Brewer residing opposite Joe's Point] Apparently a locality: re the Scoodic p. 83
Brewer's probably a homestead on west side of St. Andrews Point: the division point of that called Scoodic and that called Passamaquoddy p. 92
Brimmer, [cf. Brymer] "Respectable" Boston merchant: re Gould & Shaw's books Goold and Shaw "Gould and Shaw" in the potash business 1763: re [ ] Parsons and Alex Hodges p. 80
British accept Henry Popple's p. 34
Brown, James says he at St. Andrews Point 1769: with Jeremiah Frost, builds a hut: says Scoodic not the Passamaquoddy p.82 p. 81
Campobello identification of on maps Maps re Henry Popple's p. 44
Campobello on H. Popple's map: apparently confused with Grand Manan p. 54
Cape Raquaque On H. Popple's map: apparently Cap Maringouin p.33 p. 32
Chamcook Island "Champcook" James Boyd says is joined to St. Andrews Point by a bar p. 49
Champcook Island Champcook Island p. 49
Champdore, [ ] on St. Croix Island Menis Minas [Basin] Minas Basin "Menis" [ ] Champdore to p. 61
Champdore, [ ]DeMonts, [ ] his end p. 65
Charles I p. 32
Chenebesec On H. Popple's map: apparently a lake: [?confusion with Kennebec] p.33 p. 32
Chipman, Ward his methods impugned p.21 p. 18
Chiputneticoot J. Sullivan: is one of two branches of the Scoodic Cobscook on Governor [ ] Pownall's map: St. Croix Magaguadavic said nearly as large as the Scoodic: J. Sullivan p. 52
Church, Colonel [ ] "Major" his expedition against Penobscot, etc.: described p. 68
Cobscook British maintain as Boundary p. 77
Cobscook distinguished from Machias River Cobscook explored by J. Mitchell p. 93
Cobscook identity of Comage River Apparently empties into the Bay of Fundy between the St. John and L'Etang: is not the Magaguadavic p. 38
Cobscook re survey of Deegadguash Digdeguash p. 93
Cobscook re survey of Frost, John his oath re map used by J. Mitchell p. 87
Commissioners III apparently a Board made up of certain Commissioners III formed at St. Andrews 1796/10/- p. 1
Commissioners IX re documents at their disposal p. 39
Commissioners VIII Magaguadavic is the St. Croix Indian War Massachusetts relinquishes claim to Nova Scotia p. 10
Commissioners VIII at Goldsborough and Machias p. 11
Commissioners X DeMonts, [ ] Mildmay, Sir John Re the St. Croix p. 40
Commissioners X had only the evidence of [erroneous] maps p. 30
Connecticut River a boundary Deleware River a boundary p. 42
Cromwell, [Oliver] D'Aulney, Charles [de Charnisay] his daughter, Charles de la Tour's children and land rights p. 23
Currie, John evidence 1770 and 1772 re the Boundary question p. 77
Currie, John had 10, 000-acre grant west side of the Digdeguash: in proverty, etc.: clearly has said Magaguadavic is not St. Croix and re Lord William Campbell p. 95
D'Anville, [ ] his map condemned by J. Sullivan p. 102
D'Anville, [ ] p. 50
D'Orville, [ ] With [ ] DeMonts on St. Croix Island p. 62
De Champlain, Samuel his map and the St. Croix p. 30
De Champlain, Samuel re the St. Croix p. 75
De La Tour, Charles his grand-daughter and sale of lands p.23 p. 22
DeMonts, [ ] p. 66
DeMonts, [ ] account of his supposed St. Croix establishment de Champlain, Samuel on St. Croix Island p. 62
DeMonts, [ ] his habitation ruined by Colonel [ ] Church 1704 p. 73
DeMonts, [ ] leaves little behind on St. Croix Island p.64 p. 63
DeMonts, [ ] on St. Croix Island: representations of his buildings, etc., are utterly false: J. Sullivan p. 60
Deer Island p. 93
Deer Island re identity ofMaps and [T.] Wright: re Scoodic, etc. p. 43
Deny's [ ] With [ ] DeMonts, etc.: re the Etchemins p. 75
Digdeguash River re a survey p. 93
Douglas, Dr. [ ] quoted re French in Acadia p. 68
Dudley, Governor Joseph Governor 1704: re Colonel [ ] Church expedition p. 73
Duncan, Abraham character of Fletcher, Captain Thomas character of p. 91
Dupont, [ ] With [ ] DeMonts p. 63
Eams, Captain [ ] Master of H.M.S. Sorlings 1685: driven from Port Royal area by French Massachusetts fails to oust [ ] Villebon p. 25
Etchemins on H. Popple's map: apparently the name of the district east of the St. John and between [?the Kennebekasis and the Jemseg] p.33 p. 32
Etchemins the tribe: their land from St. John to Penobscot L'Escarbot, Marc p. 75
Frost, Jeremiah with James Brown at St. Andrews 1769: says Scoodic is not the Passamaquoddy p.82 p. 81
Frost, John says Magaguadavic is the St. Croix Knox, Major-General Henry claims Magaguadavic is the St. Croix 1795 p. 94
Goldsborough Commissioners of 1770 at p. 11
Gourdon, [ ] French officer, apparently resident on St. Croix [Scoodic] shore 1704: Colonel [ ] Church captures Green Island Major [ ] Church's men at 1704 p. 68
Grand Manan Indians draw accurate maps p. 53
Grand Manan p. 98
Grenville, Lord signatory to treaty 1794 p. 108
Halley, Edmund F.R.S. [The astronomer] Testimonial for Henry Popple's map p.33 p. 32
Holmans Hollowood [?Hills, Heights, Head] on Henry Popple's map: in modern Albert County p.33 p. 32
Hutchinson, Governor Thomas apparently accepts authority of the grant to Sir William Alexander p. 22
Hutchinson, Governor Thomas his report on eastern boundary of Massachusetts: Port Royal and territory added to Massachusetts, etc. p.15 p. 12
Hutchinson, Governor Thomas quoted re Major [ ] Church's expedition p. 68
Hutchinson, Governor Thomas quoted re Nova Scotia p. 32
Indian Villages a number of on the Penobscot 1704 p. 68
Indians re their Boundary evidence Maps none to be believed p. 29
James I re Nova Scotia becoming French p. 32
Jay, John re J. Mitchell's map p. 35
Jeffery, [ ] "Jeffreys" his map is same as [ ] D'Anville's: presented to Prince of Wales 1750 p. 102
Jeffery, [ ] "Jeffries" on his map: the Passamaquoddy is the St. Croix p. 49
Jeffries, [ ] Jeffery, [ ], the Royal Geographer p. 49
Jemseg On Henry Popple's map: located well inland on shore of Lac Freneuse p.33 p. 32
Jersey [H.M.S.] Man-of-war, 48 guns: on Major [ ] Church's expedition 1704 p. 68
Jones, Israel Jones, Nathan p. 90
Jones, Israel character p. 91
Jones, Nathan character p. 91
Joseph, Frances and Indians' testimony re St. Croix p. 76
Kennebec [ ] Poutrincourt to p. 63
King, Rufus Signatory to treaty 1794 p. 108
L'Escarbot, Marc his map and the St. Croix p. 30
L'Etang the harbour at p. 38
Lac Freneuse On Henry Popple's map: apparently Grand Lake p.33 p. 32
Lake Kousacoanaski "Kousaki" said to be on J. Mitchell's map: drained by the St. Croix: unlike the Scoodic Lakes p. 38
Lake Kousacoanaski "[?Thousaki]" also called Loon Lake: said St. Croix source: Indians do not know of it: [may not exist] p. 53
Lake Kousacoanaski On S. de Champlain's map: drained by the St. Croix p. 38
Lake Kousaki Lake Kousacoanaski p. 38
Lincoln, General B. that Magaguadavic is the St. Croix 1785 p. 94
Little Machias "Mechius" on Henry Popple's map: apparently a [?settled] district p.33 p. 32
Loon Lake Also called Lake Kousacoanaski q.v.: appears on early maps: may not exist as indicated p. 53
Loyalists said aware they settled on United States territory at St. Andrews p. 105
Machias Commissioners of 1770 at p. 11
Machias Island "Mechius" on Henry Popple's map p.33 p. 32
Machias River distinct from Cobscook p. 93
Magaguadavic [that it is not the St. Croix] John Currie q.v. p. 95
Magaguadavic it is not the St. Croix: Charles Morris Junior 1783 Moose Island claimed by New Brunswick: re authority over residents 1786 p. 96
Magaguadavic not named on earlier maps p. 39
Magaguadavic that it is the Boundary: the United States case Maps J. Mitchell's: questions raised by p.99 p. 97
Malebarre a geographical location mentioned in M. L'Escarbot: re [ ] DeMonts p. 63
Manawagonish Island "Meognes" on Henry Popple's map p.33 p. 32
Maps Captain C. Southack's to Governor [ ] Shute 1716 p. 99
Maps Emanual Bowen's 1752 of the Passamaquoddy, etc.: re Cobscook p. 102
Maps Governor [ ] Pownal's 1777 p. 52
Maps Henry Popple's [before 1714] of Bay of Fundy coast and west of Penobscot to [?Petitcodiac] and to north of [?Grand Lake]: numerous place-names: reproduced p.33 p. 31
Maps Henry Popple's is the basis of all succeeding maps: J. Sullivan p. 33
Maps Indians draw good ones p. 53
Maps J. Mitchell's map is part of British-United States Peace treaty: J. Sullivan Maps confusion and error in and many copies of p.48 p. 47
Maps J. Mitchell's versus Henry Popple's: the United States case p.39 p. 34
Maps South de Champlain's p. 30
Maps Thomas Wright's 1772: re St. Croix Island[s]: appear twice p. 77
Maps [ ] D'Anville's: Scoodic is the St. Croix: "produced by a Frenchman, on catch-penny views" - J. Sullivan p. 102
Maps [ ] D'Anville's: refers to p. 48
Maps [ ] Jeffrey's presented to the Prince of Wales 1750: same as [ ] D'Anville's p. 102
Maps [ ] Vaugondy's: of St. Croix, etc.: markedly inaccurate de Vaugondy, Robert His map of St. Croix, etc.: highly inaccurate p. 102
Maps [George] Sproule's and [Charles] Morris': of Passamaquoddy p. 77
Maps a French one: of Acadia and New England 1755 p. 51
Maps depiction of boundaries p. 41
Maps of Magaguadavic and Scoodic: J. Sullivan acquires a new one 1798/5/-- p. 4
Maps of South de Champlain and M. L'Escarbot p. 30
Maps question: whether J. Mitchell made map of St. Croix, etc. or merely surveyed and cobbled up a map from other sources p.47 p. 46
Massachusetts apparently St. Croix its eastern boundary p. 39
Massachusetts its eastern boundary vague p. 9
Massachusetts its lands claimed to the north: yielded with reluctance p. 22
Matinicus Apparently on the coast of Maine: Major [ ] Church at 1704 p. 68
McEwen, Captain [ ] James Nichols with 1767: re Alex Hodges p. 80
Meognes Island Mamawagonish Island p.33 p. 32
Military Expeditions Colonel Sir William Phipps against Port Royal: 700 men, and "Major" [ ] Church 1704 with 550 against Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, and Minas Mount Desert Island p. 68
Mitchell, John I his map said in error p. 29
Mitchell, John I the map given him as a guide is Captain C. Southack's p. 87
Mitchell, John I with Nathan Jones, James Boyd, etc.: explores Cobscook p. 87
Mitchell, John I with his party: explores the St. Croix [?Magaguadavic] p. 89
Morris, Charles Jr. [continued] lays out St. Andrews lots for Loyalists 1783: indicates Scoodic is the St. Croix p. 96
Morris, Charles his map of Passamaquoddy p. 77
Morris, Charles that Cobscook is the St. Croix p. 96
Morse, Dr. [ ] - U.S. geographer: re the St. Croix p. 46
Mount Desert Island "Mount Desert Hills" on H. Popple's map p.33 p. 32
Musquash Cove on H. Popple's map: part of St. John Harbour p.33 p. 32
Nocahonac - On H. Popple's map: a [?district] east of the St. John and north of [?Grand Lake] p.33 p. 32
P, 64
Re the St. Croix: J. Sullivan p. 29
Source:Vol. 34-
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