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Campaign Journal, 1779

Subjects: Bedford Expedition sets out from Newport 1779/3/31 p. 1
1779 Military Expeditions against Bedford q.v. p. 1
?Chitmark the effect of isolation and Rebel propaganda on its people p.29 p. 23
Allen, Benjamin Athearn, James Of Tisbury 1779 p. 18
Allen, Benjamin [?he] of Chilmark Island: visits the Restoration with news of Rebels p. 17
Allen, Jonathan Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 6
Allen, Jonathan reports unable to supply Loyalist forces in full Mayhew, Matthew reports unable to supply Loyalist forces in full p. 14
Allen, Robert Of Chilmark Island 1779 Chilmark Island ? p. 13
Associated Refugees Company commanders asked to return rolls of their units at Newport 1779/3/29 p. 58
Barnstable County p. 16
Baxter, Captain [ ] on Martha's Vineyard expedition: re taxes collected Chilmark Island p. 23
Bedford Expedition p.65 p. 59
Bedford Military intelligence from 1779 p. 38
Bedford River p. 59
Bedford plan of attack on p.65 p. 59
Bell, Captain [ ]Hyannis p. 21
Bosswel, John Boswell, John Boswell, John an officer of Marines aboard the Royal Charlotte: reports perfidy of Nantucket residents p. 31
Boston "that Metropolis of mobs" - Edward Winslow 1779 p. 51
Boswell, John Carleton master Captain [ ] Hurley p. 50
Bourne, [ ] A pilot on Bedford expedition Elizabeth Islands Penny Keas is one of p. 3
Bradshaw, John mate of the Nancy Mond 1779: reports her being saved from British capture Cape Cod p. 42
Bradshaw, John prisoner of the British p. 51
Bristol County p. 16
British during Revolutionary War: permit some [neutral] New Englanders to buy West Indies products at New York - on condition that they do not deal with French West Indies p. 30
Butler, Elijah Of [?Edgartown] 1779 [?Jemegan], William of [?Edgartown] p. 37
Cap Francois Three Friends' cargo from p. 29
Carleton Charlotte ?=Royal Charlotte p. 41
Chappequidook Benjamin Pease ofChilmark Island ?Chitmark its citizens' political convictions not firm p. 20
Chilmark Island ? Chitmark many of its people very naive: believe King of England an R.C. p. 19
Chilmark Island ?Chitmark On the New England coast: re political sympathies of its people p. 5
Chitmark 200 animals demanded of by Loyalist troops p. 13
Clark's Cove Loyalist troops to disembark at p. 59
Cooke, Thomas Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 10
Cottle, Shubael Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 10
Craig[?e], Captain [ ] Articles listed under: flatware, crockery, etc. p. 57
Dagget, Isaac of Holme's Hole p. 13
DePeyster, Captain Frederick Goldsbury, Captain [ ] His Company on Bedford expedition p. 61
DePeyster, Captain Frederick after Bedford: to go immediately to Rhode Island Military Orders on Bedford expedition: to capture important Rebels p. 62
DePeyster, Captain Frederick leads attack on Bedford 1779 p. 59
Dimuck, Major Joseph At Falmouth 1779, Rebel officer: re [ ] Welsh p. 15
Duggan, Captain J. Master of the Royal Charlotte p. 31
Duggan, Captain J. p. 50
Duggan, Captain J. says Nantucketers stole an ox p. 43
Eason's Beach Near Seconet p. 2
Edgartown apparently on Chilmark Island p. 10
Edgartown in Duke's County Edgartown its people agree to sell fuel to British military expedition p. 36
Ellis, [ ] A pilot on the Bedford expedition p. 3
Falmouth military intelligence of, re Bedford expedition Nantucket p. 64
Folger, Frederick Of Nantucket 1779: Town Clerk p. 45
Folger, Timothy Gelson, Samuel p. 56
Folger, Timothy of Nantucket 1779: of committee dealing with British Gelson, Samuel of Nantucket 1779: of committee dealing with British p. 44
Forts one at Bedford p. 59
Freeman, [ ] A Rebel officer, apparently at Falmouth 1779: re the captured [ ] Welsh p. 16
Fuller, [ ] Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 6
Game Cock A vessel, Loyalist privateer: takes a prize p. 1
General Carleton A sloop: in British service during Martha's Vineyard expedition p. 34
General Leslie Edward Winslow aboard, off Elizabeth Island, eve of attack on Bedford p. 63
General Leslie takes a prize p. 40
Goldsbury, Captain [ ] to take fort at Bedford Martyn, Captain [ ] to take fort at Bedford p. 66
Goldstring, Captain Samuel On Martha's Vineyard expedition: purchasing agent p. 10
Grey, Major-General Charles and some New England townfolk p. 20
Grey, Major-General Charles disarms people of Chilmark Island p. 25
H[?arr]iet A vessel: to lead in Loyalist attack on Bedford p. 65
Holmes Hole on Chilmark Island p. 13
Hurley, Captain [ ] Master of the Carleton 1779 p. 50
James Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 10
Jenkins, Marshal Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 10
Leonard, George I [Senior] commands fleet on Martha's Vineyard expedition p. 5
Leonard, George I [Senior] demands return of [ ] Welsh, Rebels' prisoner p. 12
Leonard, George I [Senior] p. 4
Leonard, George I [Senior] uncertain allegiance of his pilots, etc. p. 33
Lewis, [ ] At Newport 1779: apparently an officer at Loyalist head- quarters p. 58
Loyalist Soldiers demand first, fuel, then, a meat supply, at Chilmark Island p. 13
Loyalists challenge patriotism of New England coastal towns p. 5
Lumber, Moses Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 6
Martha's Vineyard Expedition sets out, apparently 1779/9/8, from Newport p. 5
Marto[?], Jonathan Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 10
Martyn, Captain [ ] His Company on Bedford expedition p. 61
Mayhew, D. Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 6
Mayhew, Joseph Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 13
Mayhew, Matthew Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 10
Mayhew, Simon Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 13
Meridian On the coast [?of Massachusetts] p. 42
Nancy Mond - A sloop, said a most remarkable sailer: in hands of pro-Rebels 1779 p. 42
Nancy Mond British letters of marque attempted to take: New Englanders [? of Edgartown] accused of preventing p. 42
Nantucket - Its Rebel sympathizers: attempts to frustrate British p.36 p. 31
Nantucket a disorderly [and pro- Rebel] element at p. 54
Nantucket apparently pro-Rebel despite contrary protests p. 52
Nantucket inhabitants promise to be well behaved toward the British p. 44
Nantucket its people persist in dealing with French: Rebels thus supplied p. 53
Nashewinna Island - Near Bedford, Mass. p. 63
P.11<11> Allen, John Allen, Jonathan [of Chilmark Island]Coffin, p. 10
[?Basset], John Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 13
[?Jemegan], William Of Chilmark Island 1779 p. 10
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