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Letter from George Leonard to Edward Winslow, 6 May 1809

Author:Leonard, George
Subjects:Americans rejoice at prospect of peace with Britain p. 3
Knox, William
Knox, [H.] comes [to New Brunswick] from London 1809 pp. 1-2
Leonard, Charles Edward has been in London and may become Customs Collector pp. 1-2
Leonard, George I [Senior] re his Customs work: embargo to be lifted 1809/6/10, Sir G. Prevost's proclamation is revoked, and United States ships to resume trade in Maritimes p. 3
Madison, James rescinds embargo 1809 p. 3
Parker, Robert p. 2
Prevost, Sir George his anti-U. S. proclamation lifted p. 3
Prevost, Sir George reported reprimanded re his actions regarding U.S. vessels p. 3
Proclamations Sir George Prevost's is lifted: normal trade with U.S. resumes p. 3
Proclamations that re U.S. embargo: rescinded p. 3
Source:Vol. 15-10
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