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Letter from Nicholas Humphrys to Edward Winslow, 19 April 1809

Author:Humphrys, Nicholas
Subjects:Clopper, Garret Nicholas Humphrey's friend and sale of Mary Smith's land
Disease, ailments and indispositions Mrs. N. Humphreys: paralyzed
Humphreys, Mrs. Nicholas Loses use of her limbs 1808
Humphreys, Nicholas On Long Island in 1776, joined New York Volunteers as Surgeon's Mate and came to New Brunswick in 1783, has a family of 11, a crippled wife [1809], is at Sugar Island and wishes to purchase Mary Smith's land through friend George Clopper
Lewis, George Of the Sugar Island area: acquaintance of Nicholas Humphreys
Lues, George Lewis, George
Pickard, Humphrey builds new house in 1808 and is "well situated" p. 2
Pickard, Humphrey re purchase of Mary Smith's land on or near Sugar Is. 1809 p. 1
Poverty Nicholas Humphreys 1809
Smith, Mrs. Mary Her land on or near Sugar Is.: Nicholas Humphrey has charge of and Edward Winslow apparently wishes to buy
Sugar Island Nicholas Humphreys a resident of or near 1809
Source:Vol. 15-8
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